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Despite the current health crisis and lockdown restrictions, homebuying is still at the forefront of many Canadian citizens minds, and Calgary continues to prove a popular choice for many wishing to buy a new home, and here’s why:


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Despite the current health crisis and lockdown restrictions homebuying is still at the forefront of many Canadian citizens minds and Calgary continues to prove a popular choice for many wishing to buy a new home and here’s why: Neighbourhoods with excellent liveability scores: In its simplest definition ‘liveable’ translates as a home that is suitable for living in but the term ‘liveability’ has become more of a buzz word in recent years for homebuyers seeking a property that will give them a more rounded living experience. More about quality of life at a local level here are some of the factors used to rate a community’s liveability:

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Neighbourhood: is the community in an area that gives its residents young and old access to activities that help them fulfill a balanced work and social life and aid their development Housing: the community should have affordable housing that is accessible to those from all ages incomes races and ethnicities. Transportation: there should be access to safe reliable and economical transport links that reduce the nations dependency on foreign oil helps to improve the quality of the air lowers greenhouse emissions and promotes public health.

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Environment: the community should offer affordable energy efficient homes to all. Health: is the community safe and well maintained in the interests of public health and if its residents do become unwell can they quickly get access to the appropriate medical care that they need Here are ten of Calgary’s top ranking most liveable neighbourhoods: ● Beltine ● Downtown East Village ● Downtown West End ● Downtown Commercial Cove

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● Mission ● Sunalta ● Lower Mount Royal ● Rundle ● Southview ● Greenview Where is Calgary headed in terms of liveability Fortunately despite Calgary housing more people than was originally intended when the city was first designed and constructed it still feels incredibly spacious and offers its residents ample green space alongside growth that extends both horizontally and vertically.

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Ranked fifth in the world for liveability just last year Calgary is set to maintain that standard and continues to be one of the most liveable cities globally and with so many vibrant safe communities to choose from there’s bound to be the perfect home for you somewhere. And to help you fund your ideal home in Canada’s most liveable city reach out to an experienced local mortgage broker today and see what the future could hold for you and your family. With Covid-19 having forced many mortgage brokers in Calgary to close their office doors most have simply moved their services to their homes and are still available to help you buy your dream home via telephone or email giving you no reason to suspend your plans to move and every reason to get on and begin planning your new future.

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Red Key Mortgage is located in Calgary Alberta. We are a boutique brokerage with high volume serving hundreds of clients locally and nationwide every year. We have a number of associates dealing in mortgages as licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta. As a mortgage broker in Calgary Red Key Mortgage will provide all of your available options from the entire mortgage market and allow you to make an educated decision where youd like your mortgage to go. Red Key Mortgage works with big banks in Canada as well as over a dozen other AAA lenders. Best of all our services are paid for by the lenders at no additional cost to our clients. If you are looking for a Calgary mortgage broker contact us today We cant wait to get started.

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