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Are planning any trip with your loved senior family member? Planning can be stressful as one of senior member is travelling with you and you are worried for him/her. Don’t worry much and check out the presentation 4 tips for senior & caregiver for traveling by Redhaven care homes, home-based assisted living service provider.


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Think Plan When you are preparing a trip with a senior person it is important to plan the trip really well. Thoughtful planning will help you to enjoy your trip fully without any problem. If your senior loved one has dementia then it is recommended to take direct flights to your destination for safety purpose. If you are planning to travel by car then you should plan your route and stopovers carefully and well in advance.

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Carry copies of medical paper No one really wants any interruption in their trip but when you are traveling with a senior companion it is wise to be prepared for any emergency situation you may face.The best practice is to carry the medical reports and other medical paper copies with you as in any case of an emergency those copies will come handy.

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Emergency Contact Cards Numbers Make sure to put your contact card or their mobile phone with all the numbers saved in your elder companions pocket/wallet. In case you get separated from your senior family member the measures written above will come handy. Even a disposable phone bought just for the outing will come handy.

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GPS Tracking watch /bracelet If your senior loved one has some form of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease then consider buying any GPS enabled watch or bracelet and signing your elder loved one up for GPS tracking service. If by any chance your loved one gets separated from you you can track them through GPS.

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