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India’s N0 .1 Online Rubber Stamp Store :

India’s N0 . 1 Online Rubber Stamp Store leading online stamp maker and supplier in India

Rubber Stamps:

Rubber Stamps There are three distinct types of rubber stamps : traditional, where the pad is in a separate container from the stamp; Self-inking stamps, which have a self-contained die that rests against the pad until the die is flipped 180 degrees to make an imprint; and pre-inked stamps, where the die itself is actually impregnated with the ink. Rubber stamps for business commonly show an address and corporate logo. They often have movable parts that allow the user to adjust the date or the wording of the stamp. They are used to date incoming mail, as well as to denote special handling for documents. In some countries it is common practice for formal documents such as contracts to be rubber-stamped over the signature as additional evidence of authenticity.

Automated Rubber Stamps:

Automated Rubber Stamps Document marking can be done from within the user's word processor. This can be done manually by creating the "stamps" to appear on the documents in automated document marking software for  Microsoft Word . This allows each page to be stamped as it is printed with the user selected stamps created electronically. This provides the user with a standardized and consistent document management solution for paper-based workflows. leading online stamp maker and supplier in India: leading online stamp maker and supplier in India

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