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Photo booth is an ultimate icebreaker at wedding parties and receptions. Simply toss in a crazy or rich background and coordinating props, and there you have it: your own special photo booth where family and companions don't shy away from the camera. In fact, they rather get hooked into clicking pictures. Photo booths can add an additional punch to your formal wedding function.


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1 0 C R E A T I V E W E D D I N G P H O T O B O O T H I D E A S

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TASSELS: ADD A FUN EFFECT If you have a formal or jazzy wedding you can select tassels as a photo booth in your event. Match the color palette of your wedding. Hang the tassels unevenly from a tree branch for a more bohemian look. Both fabric and sparkly tassels work pretty well for wedding events.

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GO GREEN WITH A LEAFY BACKDROP For this type of photo booth you need a white background and different shape of leaves. You can use these in different patterns.

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CUSTOMIZED POLAROID FRAME STRIP These are a special polarized-style frame. You can use your names and wedding date on it.

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A BLACKBOARD BACKDROP For your wedding photo booth you can have a chalkboard canvas. Write and draw good vibes on that chalkboard. Add some decoration that matches the wedding event.

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WRAPPING PAPER If you want a quick and simple photo booth background just use some elegant wallpaper and add some antique props. The photo booth will be ready for a vintage style wedding party.

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BARN DOOR You don’t have to be disappointed about the wedding venue for not having a barn. You can have a barn door as a photo booth backdrop. Try to add some greenery and your photo booth will be ready.

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THE JULIET WINDOW Reproduce Shakespeares most celebrated romantic drama sequence on your wedding day. This photo booth will without a doubt bring smiles from your visitors.

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COLORED PAPER CUT-OUTS Try your hand at assembling the booth backdrop with cut-outs of flawless colored papers. It can add the necessary color component to a generally white-themed wedding party.

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HANGING FRAMES Utilizing different colored and textured frames particularly when hanging them outside never neglects to give a rural vibe to your marriage. Each subsequent photograph is a straightforward yet significant minute caught in time and space.

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A LITERAL ENCLOSED BOOTH This one is perfect for the traditional style. Add the good old charm of the days gone by to your wedding pictures. Your guests will surely enjoy clicking photos in an old-fashioned photo booth.

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