AdWords – Understanding the Biggest Marketing Channel in the World!

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Join us as we take an intermediate look at how to structure, build and optimise your Google AdWords account to ensure it converts.


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slide 1: - Jeremy Decker Sara Gonzalez


slide 3: - DIAL IN AND LISTEN VIA YOUR TELEPHONE 1800 896 323 81178679

slide 4: - Understanding the Biggest Inbound Marketing Channel in the World By Jeremy Decker AdWords Webinar

slide 5: - Who Am I Jeremy Decker ● Working in AdWords management since 2006. ● Managed hundreds of campaigns with budgets from 1000 p/m to 500000 p/m. ● Worked with brands such as PayPal Westfield Apple more.

slide 6: - Today’s Webinar Will Cover 1. A look at why Google AdWords works 2. Building a granular AdWords account 3. Optimising an AdWords campaign 4. Running Experiments in an AdWords campaign

slide 7: - Poll Q: What level of involvement do you have with Google AdWords A. I directly run Google AdWords B. I manage staff that run Google AdWords C. I manage an Agency that does it for me D. I have had no involvement with Google AdWords

slide 8: - Understanding What Drives a ‘Click’ Section 1

slide 9: - 1.1 What Makes Us Click Searching proactive Looking for a product/service • Buy movies online • Car service Sydney • Professional resume writer Looking for information • Movie session times • Car service guide • Resume writing tips Display/browsing reactive Highly relevant Ad • Looking for cheap movie tickets • Same day Sydney car service • Resume writing experts Appealing offer • Get free movie tickets • Free 5 year service on the new Holden • 50 off resume templates

slide 10: - 1.2 Where AdWords Ads Appear AdWords Reaches 80 of Global Internet Users

slide 11: - 1.3 Direct Response VS Interruption The different stages of the buying cycle can all be targeted all in AdWords with different networks and methods.

slide 12: - 1.4 Question Why do you think it’s important to understand your target audience in AdWords

slide 13: - Building Granular Campaigns Section 2 1. Researching your landing page 2. Segmenting campaigns 3. Keyword research 4. Creating ads that work 5. Adding ad extensions 6. All about conversion tracking

slide 14: - Poll Q: What would you be looking to promote with your AdWords campaign A. Products B. Services C. Events D. Fundraising

slide 15: - 2.1 Researching Landing Pages Start at the landing page to gather key information about the keywords

slide 16: - 2.2 Segment The Campaigns Work out what different market segments you should split the campaign into. Remember to think of your target users behaviour device etc. Account Campaign AdGroup Ad Ad AdGroup Ad Ad Campaign AdGroup Ad Ad Campaign AdGroup Ad Ad

slide 17: - 2.3 Keyword Research Build a keyword list for each market segment and add as AdGroups under each campaign. small amount of keywords per AdGroup.

slide 18: - 2.4 Creating Ads That Work Remember to make your Ad as relevant as possible – you can test as many as you like so it’s ok to get a little creative

slide 19: - 2.5 Adding Ad Extensions Ad Extensions make your ad stand out from your competitors there are many formats available so test them all

slide 20: - 2.6 You Must Track Conversions You must utilise conversion tracking It is the key metric that tells you how to optimise your campaigns.

slide 21: - Data Based Optimisations Section 3 1. Auditing a campaign 2. Statistically significant optimisations 3. Where to find the biggest wins 4. Understanding quality score 5. Landing page improvements

slide 22: - Poll 2 Q: How familiar are you with the AdWords interface A. I’ve logged into AdWords once or twice B. I have often made changes to and AdWords account C. I can use AdWords editor D. I have had no involvement with Google AdWords

slide 23: - 3.1 Auditing a Campaign When you have a granular campaign structure Auditing your campaigns is a breeze.

slide 24: - 3.2 Statistically Significant Optimisations It is important to restrain yourself from making small changes too often. Back it up with data

slide 25: - 3.3 Where To Find The Biggest Wins Don’t assume you know what is going to convert. Always check your data.

slide 26: - 3.4 Understanding Quality Score The key thing to remember is that Google put the quality score system into place to ensure its own profitability.

slide 27: - 3.5 Landing Page Improvements The key to a good landing page is to make all the key information accessible within 5 seconds.

slide 28: - Running AdWords Experiments Section 4 1. What you should be testing 2. Exploration campaigns 3. Using AdWords experiments

slide 29: - 4.1 What You Should Be Testing Everything. The most common test are: 1. Ad Testing 2. Landing Page Testing 3. Match Type Testing Implement Test Gather Data Analyse Results Roll Out Findings Strategize

slide 30: - 4.2 Exploration Campaigns Don’t be afraid to try out wild new ideas. Just keep your tests controlled.

slide 31: - 4.3 Using AdWords Experiments AdWords has its own build in split testing tool that allows you to keep optimisations controlled.

slide 32: - Wrapping it up 1. Know who your audience is before you try to sell to them. 2. Put the time into designing a campaign being as granular as possible. 3. Data dictates almost everything. 4. If it’s worth thinking about it is probably worth testing

slide 33: - Thank You To learn more about AdWords check out our Blog We have a FREE AdWords Audit Tool on our website - Instantly Grade Your AdWords Campaigns

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