Basic User Guide: Joining Your Web Conference

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Joining Your Web Conference


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1 Joining Your Web Conference

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1. On the day and time of your meeting visit the Web Conferencing URL – 2. Select the “Join a Web Conference” button 3. Moderators choose the meeting role “I am a Moderator” enter the Moderator Pass code then select “Join the Web Conference.” Participants choose the meeting role “I am a Participant” enter the Participant Pass code then select “Join the Web Conference”. 4. As you join the Web Conference you will be asked to enter your name. If you enter again at a later date from the same computer it will remember your name. 2 Click here to Enter as a Moderator Click here to Enter as a Participant Click here to ensure your System is compatible Click here to access User Guides and help documents

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The view below is your default Web Conferencing platform. 3 Settings Webcams Media Modules Participant List Audio + Video Options QA Chat functionality Tools Documents Folder

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Watch our Video Tutorial on Joining Your Web Conference Simply click on the play button below 4

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