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Top Reasons to go for SAAS Based ATS SAAS or Software as a Service is a cloud-based software solution is offered which works on a pay-as-you-go subscription model. This means that the user has to pay only for the services used and not for the entire thing. Cloud computing is yet another trending technology space and is still growing and developing over time. Almost all major companies and organizations whether giant mid-sized or startup- have moved their core business to cloud. This has significantly doused the need for extra infrastructure and other necessary equipment needed to install in-house software. When all businesses are touched by this incredible technology then how can recruiting can be left behind.

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The new generation applicant tracking systems are cloud-based and are doing wonders.You must have read or must have experienced the benefits of this next-generation recruiting software. But how is a cloud-based or SAAS-based Applicant tracking software creating a difference over the locally hosted one If you are still using a locally hosted one or are still struggling to download huge files to install the software then this article will make you reconsider your decision regarding the type of software you want. 1. 24/7 Accessibility When you have a locally installed ATS on your computer then you can access it only when you are in your company’s premises. Be it late at night or early morning you have to rush to on-premises software to make even the slightest of change.

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But when you work on a cloud-based application then you have a 24/7 access. You can access the database from any remote location and can work at any time. No more rushing to the office. You can edit or make a change right where you are sitting using a laptop or any other mobile device having an internet connection. 2. Quick Deployment The locally hosted ATS or the on-premise ones come with huge and bulky files for which you need professional installation skills. This is really a time consuming and costly affair. On the contrary cloud-based ATS is quick to deploy as they don’t need heavy installation files or any specific system requirements. The Interface of all the SAAS based ATS is designed in such a manner that even a non-technical person can also understand them. Now you don’t have to worry about licensing the product as it was there is the legacy software.

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3. Speedy Recruitment Process In the legacy software there were a number of stakeholders involved in the entire recruitment cycle. Going through each of them took time and often resulted in recruitment delays. With cloud-based ATS every stakeholder is connected and notified in real-time i.e. instantly. This significantly reduces the response time and offers a more streamlined workflow. So by pulling out all the stops across different recruitment stages the entire cycle is accelerated. 4. Always Updated Upgrading or updating an on-premise software is like a big headache. You need to call the support persons or the vendors to update your system. This may take a couple of days. You don’t have any choice even if your productivity is getting hampered. You may lose out on major clients if an update gets due in a crucial

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time. If you don’t update the applicant tracking system then it may turn obsolete and vulnerable to digital attacks. Stay stress-free if you are using a SAAS based ATS as the system gets automatically updated. None of your work is hampered or interrupted. All the updates and patches are scheduled in such a manner that they are applied when there is no work going on the system or when the system is idle. This ensures that your ATS is having the best and latest features which will help you stand staunch at the top of the game. 5. Cost-Effective You need to buy a license for any on-premises software which is generally very costly. Again you have to renew your license after a given period. This is a sheer wastage of money. There is no such licensing thing in any cloud-based software. Also you don’t have to buy extra servers storage space or other infrastructure to support your installation. Also with the legacy ATS you have to keep a dedicated IT professional for the upkeep of the software.

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No such thing is needed in case of cloud-based ATSs. So you can be assured of having great capital savings and better ROI. Recruiteze ​ ​is one of the world’s best Applicant Tracking System offering cloud-based functionality along with improved transparency usability and ease of integration. Get a 15 days free trial now

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