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http://recruiterbox.com/ Use the tips included in this presentation to improve productivity and morale in the workplace. For example, recognize accomplishments, provide small perks like overtime pay or free lunch, and refine the talent pool by hiring new employees using recruiting software.


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The first step in establishing efficiency in the workplace is to assess the competency of your current staff. Perform quarterly reviews to ensure all workers are meeting the goals of the company. Employee audits will also aid in identifying any team members who are not pulling their weight, and help you decide if termination is necessary. It may sound extreme, but remember the idiom: “one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.”


Using resume management software will allow hiring managers to quickly store resumes for future use. This way, you can pull up applications with the click of a button. Once you’ve assessed your current workforce, it’s time to fill any missing roles by hiring the perfect employees. Your company may want to consider an “open” call for applications, allowing resumes at any time to secure the most desirable candidates – as opposed to looking at resumes for a brief time to fill a short-term need.


To help improve morale among current employees, start by offering industry-standard salaries and benefit packages. This lets your employees know that you understand their needs, not to mention it’s the best way to incentivize a job well done. If your company is unable to provide top-tier salaries or perks like life insurance, accommodate employees in smaller ways, such as allowing telecommuting or overtime pay.


Employees who are empowered are more apt to get the job done right, and stay loyal in the process. Employee growth can be obtained with training or team-building exercises. Another option is to offer opportunities outside of work hours, such as providing tuition reimbursement for graduate school.


A little care goes a long way in the workforce. Show employees that they’re appreciated using little perks such as gift cards for a job well done, or half-days on Fridays. These actions may seem insignificant to some, but any assets that help employees manage their lives outside of work are always well-received.


A happy and efficient workplace is one with open communication, including praise for quality work. Employees want to know when their efforts are appreciated, and this recognition will encourage them to put their best foot forward. Mix verbal feedback with other rewards to highlight exceptional achievements, for example, providing surprise bonuses when employees meet sales goals.


Financial perks and employee praise can go a long way, but managers should also strive to create a comfortable workplace . Create an open-door policy so employees can stop by to ask questions or discuss concerns. The workplace should be inviting—a place where ideas can thrive. Assess the physical comfort of your workplace as well. Would morale improve with the addition of a kitchen stocked with snacks and drinks?


Let managing employees be “trendsetters” for other staff. The right attitude can help others learn how to act while on the clock, and empower them to provide excellent customer service. Set high expectations for employee behavior and values to help achieve goals and share in the company vision.


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