Recover lost data from iPhone/iPad after iOS 9.3 update

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The latest version of iOS is 9.3 which provide many new features to users.


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Recover Lost Data from iPhone iPad after iOS 9.3 Update

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About The latest version of iOS is 9.3 which provide many new features to users. This new version works excellently and it also enhances iOS ecosystem. But whenever some new updates come then something negative happens which makes users irritating. Data loss is one of the scenarios where users gets upset as the data are quite important and they don’t know how to recover those data. Well if the backup of data is available then data loss situation can be neglected. If you have made the full plan of avoiding data loss situation then it is good as many important data includes messages, photos, videos, calendars, notes etc. After upgrading to iOS 9.3, losing data is common to many iPhone users. ABOUT

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Reasons for data loss Many users don’t know that they have deleted the data as they don’t know how to handle important data. Some of the data loss situations are: Wrong operation iOS upgrade/downgrade Mishandling of iDevices Lost/damage of iOS device

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How to recover lost data after upgrading iOS 9.3 When backup is not available then use of third party tool is important. iOS Device Recovery Tool is one of the important software which can recover the lost or deleted data from iPhone , iPad or iPod. With the help of this tool, one can very easily restore all contacts, notes, videos, call logs, messages, photos, reminder, documents etc. It does not matter whether data is lost due to factory setting restore, broken device or due to system crash. The software works well and also works on both Windows and Mac version.

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Steps to Recover Deleted Data from iOS Device ( iPhone / iPad /iPod) Step : 1 Step : 2 Step : 3 Step : 4

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Download and install iOS Device Recovery tool (Mac/Windows as per your system OS) on your system and with the help of USB cable connect your iPhone / iPad /iPod to your system. After that, you will get the below interface Step 1

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Step 2- Enter Scanning Mode to Scan the Device Follow the below-mentioned instruction to enter into scanning mode: Click the Start button Hold ‘Power‘ and ‘Home‘ buttons on your device at the same time for exact 10 seconds After 10 seconds, release the ‘Power‘ button right away but keep holding the ‘Home‘ button You will be informed that you have successfully entered into the scanning mode and you can release the ‘Home‘ button now

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Step 3 – Preview and Recover Data After the scanning process gets completed, you can then Preview the file one after the other before recovery and then make selections for the files to recover.

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Step 4 Once you select the files for recovery click on “Recover” button, to restore the deleted data back on your system.

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Tips to avoid data loss Whenever you want to delete the files, just check twice your iOS device and make sure you are not deleting the wrong file Always keep a backup of all your important file or data to iTunes or iCloud before you make update of new version to your device. If you go for jailbreaks then do it properly otherwise there is a chance of losing all important file from iPhone , iPad or iPod.

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