Solar Tax Credits, Incentives and Rebates in NC 2019

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Are you looking for the latest North Carolina incentives related information? Look no further, read this guide to get all the updated information about NC solar incentives. Visit Recon Renewable Energy to get a free consultation from our solar professionals.


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SOLAR TAX CREDITS INCENTIVES AND REBATES IN NC 2019 Prepared by: Recon Renewable Energy

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TAX CREDIT IN NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina no longer offers state solar tax credits to the solar users.  You take the credit amount directly off your tax payment rather than as a deduction from your taxable income. You can claim the credit for your primary residence and vacation home.

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SOLAR REBATES IN NC If you install a residential system up to 10 kilowatts then you are eligible for the 0.60/Watt Duke Energy solar panel rebates. The non-residential customers can get a rebate worth 0.50/Watt up to 50000 while non-profit users are eligible for a rebate worth 0.75/Watt up to 75000.

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COMMON INCENTIVES FOR GOING SOLAR IN NC Tax credits Rebates Performance Payments Property Tax Exemption Sales Tax Exemption

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