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Is your phone no more in shape to work? Then the idea of “recycle my phone for cash” is best for you. Don’t wait and sell your old phone to Recell Cellular and get the cash to buy a new phone. For more information, click at


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There are corrosive elements in mobile phones that never destroy by natural organisms. If we will not recycle them then they will cause environmental pollution. REDUCE POLLUTION

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Plastic parts of mobile phones create big environment issues. By recycling old phones we can convert them into plastic packaging cases auto parts and garden furniture. REDUCE PLASTIC USE

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There are many types of metals used in cell phones. These metal parts can be reused in other electronics things jewelry and automotive engineering with the help of recycling. MET AL RECYCLING

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The other old parts can be used for making new devices. It reduce the need of new raw materials and hence reduce the cost. REDUCE RAW MATERIALS COST

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There are many companies and online websites which give money for mobile phone recycling. Recycle old cell phones and earn cash. EARN MONEY

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