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Your Essence & Energy :

Your Essence & Energy Lively Dominant Harmony Striking Secondary Harmony

7 Benefits of Knowing Your Essence:

7 Benefits of Knowing Your Essence Understand & express yourself better. Accept the ways you naturally tend to be. Realize why you are not like another person. Find new things in common with others. Discover how you can grow. Like yourself more – even love yourself. Really enjoy being YOU!

Lively Essence :

Lively Essence energetic outward busy sunny friendly fun-oriented open talkative curious airy natural spontaneous cheerful expressive sincere colorful laughs easily changeable bubbly animated y outhful candid playful enthusiastic open minded flexible out-going activity-oriented easy-going cooperative people-oriented

Striking Essence :

Striking Essence intense self-contained cautious unusual defined direct dramatic bold refined stark calm controlled stunning reserved complex distinguished sensitive analytical serious composed strong cool aloof intense inward definite precise mysterious

Lively-Striking Celebrities:

Lively-Striking Celebrities

Ask Your Self & Others:

Ask Your Self & Others Is this how I come across to others? Do I show the “real” me in positive ways? How can I understand & connect better with others? Can I learn to recharge my energy when tired? How can I see the best in others?

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