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Your Design Elements :

Your Design Elements Line, Shape, Scale, Texture & Color Lively-Striking

Your Harmonies & Design Elements:

Your Harmonies & Design Elements Your Harmonies d efine your best Design Elements 1. Lines in your face & body define your best LINES. 2. Shapes in Your face & body define yo ur best SHAPES. 3. Scale of your features define your best SCALE & SIZE. 4 . Textures in your skin & hair define your best TEXTURES. 5. Coloring in natural skin & hair defines your best COLORS.

LIVELY-Striking Design Elements:

LIVELY- Striking Design Elements What You Wear Best: Lines : Light, wavy, curly, repetitive. Some angularity . Short to medium length. Shapes: Rounded. Some refined rectangles. Scale: Small to medium. Texture: Light to medium, but with smoothness. Refined textures. Not too flimsy . Colors: Full-spectrum; cool to medium warm in reds, pinks, peaches and yellows. Can go darker.


Shapes Shapes: Round, circle & combinations. Your Secondary lets you wear some angles, but not too sharp...soften these corners!

Harmony or Disharmony:

Harmony or Disharmony Similar design elements blend visually & create Harmony. Dissimilar design elements “stick out” & create Disharmony. Harmony or Disharmony? It is one or the other. What do you want?

Your Design Elements :

Your Design Elements You have 5 basic Design Elements Line Shape Scale (or Size) Texture Color


Texture A fabric or surface has a look and feel. It has a weight and a degree of flexibility. Does it look like good quality? What characteristics do you see? Good Looks: Light, soft, smooth, medium, flexible, crisp, polished.

Lively-Striking Designs & Prints:

Lively-Striking Designs & Prints Printed Fabrics & Scarves Lines: Rounded, some angularity. Medium length. Shapes: Rounded, circles, dots. Rich Secondary allows some squares or triangles with curved corners, but not too pointed. Scale: From Small to Medium to Medium- L arge scale Colors: Can go warmer in reds, peaches, & yellows. Can go deeper.

What You Should AVOID:

What You Should AVOID AVOID these looks, clothes, accessories & make-up Limp, flimsy, droopy, languid, too serious, mysterious, too dark, rough, tough, hard, heavy, thick, massive, weighty, dull, dreary, gloomy, solid, angular, dangerous, closed, or stiff.

Color :

Color Lively Dominant Harmony Rich Secondary Harmony

About Color:

About Color The human eye can see 16.7 million colors. You can wear a couple hundred colors. Your ranges of light & dark, bright & dull, w arm & cool are seen in your Spectrum.

LIVELY-Striking Colors:

LIVELY-Striking Colors Your Best Color Range: Your best color range is cheerful and lively with added intensity due to your Striking. 1. Brightness Level : Fairly bright and clear colors in full spectrum, but not too intense or overpowering 2. Value Range: Fairly light to medium are good Darker colors are fine as long as they are not dull 3.Temperature Range: Cool-Range to Moderately Warm

Your Chromatic Color Ranges:

Your Chromatic Color Ranges Your Lively-Striking colors fairly bright, but not too intense or overpowering. Fairly light to dark. Red ranges: Cool Reds, True Reds to Warm Reds. Cool to Warm Pinks to Peaches (not too orange) Yellows: Light and clear, cool to warm Greens: Yellow green, true green, blue greens and turquoise – all in light , bright and clear to medium darkness Blues: The entire range in your brightness level Purples: The entire range in your brightness level Red Purples: The entire range in your brightness level Refer to Your Color Spectrum!

Lively-Striking Neutrals:

Lively-Striking Neutrals Your Lively-Striking colors are fairly bright, but not too intense or overpowering. Fairly light to medium is good. Dark if not dull. Best Neutrals: Off-white and cream. Soft charcoal black, dark and light versions of clear grays (not muddy.) Clearer types of navy and deep green (not the dull ones.) Other Neutrals: Other types of browns & beige can work as long as they have some clarity and warmth. Pure white & pure black worn together look too harsh. Softer, warmer blacks in medium amounts, or at night.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Very Small Small Medium Small Medium Medium Large Large Very Large Scale

Design Elements & YOU:

Design Elements & YOU You have design elements in your face and body. There are design elements in your clothes and accessories. The secret is putting the two together correctly.

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