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Have the look & the life you’ve wanted with… :

Have the look & the life you’ve wanted with… An amazing approach based on YOU! by Rebel Holiday Expert in Fashion & Image Design, I mpact & Communications, & International Business

“Nothing” to Wear?!:

“ Nothing” to Wear?! Don’t seem to go with anything? May be the wrong colors or styles? You just don’t like anymore? Or you don’t feel good wearing?

Ever Look in the Mirror…:

Ever Look in the Mirror… This doesn’t look right on me… Something’s “wrong” here… This doesn’t do a thing for my body! This really isn’t my look…. I wish I had never bought this!

Did You Ever Say…:

Did You Ever Say… “ I’ll spend some of my money and time shopping for clothes I’m not going to like in a few months.”

Too Much Guesswork :

Too Much Guesswork We evaluate looks & styles, struggle with decisions… and buy things we later regret .

The Fashion Industry:

The Fashion Industry Fashion is all about the clothes, not women. Clothes are more important than the women! No way. Women are more important. “Design Disasters” don’t look good on anyone. The Fashion Industry is NOT trying to help us look good... …just to sell us more of the “latest thing.”

We Wind Up With…:

A lot of money wasted on clothes we don’t like or want to wear Magazine articles, tv makeover shows, Advice from friends & sales people?! We Wind Up With…

After We Get It Home:

After We Get It Home What was I thinking?!

We Keep Trying…:

We Keep Trying… We try to look like models & celebrities… …comparing, competing, & trying to be perfect don’t work .

We Care Because…:

We Care Because… How we feel about ourselves Who will be our friend What we’ll try & if we’ll succeed Who will marry us Our job & our money…how well we live.

What to Do?:

What to Do? Take the bag off your head, quit feeling bad about it & learn how it really works!

Get What You Need:

Get What You Need S kills take training… Fashion & style education: Accurate information Personalized to YOU Education, tools & techniques Practice, feedback & support

Ready for Something New?:

Ready for Something New? One difference between a mouse and a human being… …the mouse stops running around when there’s no cheese …. How about a new approach?

Register for Free or Join:

Register for Free or Join www.designingyourself.com Free Fashion & Image Learning Center …More Options Inside Your Photo Analysis Profile Page for Your Image & Style Advice Personal Consultations on many topics Courses & Career Training

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