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The chain of fast food Burger King possesses at present 11.220 restaurants distributed in 61 countries in the whole world, whereas the company McDonald's does it with more of the double, that is to say, with 29.000 establishments distributed in a whole of 119 countries of the world. The most oily hamburgers are: For the Burger King: Crispy Chicken - some 30g of fat for 100g - and Long Chicken, Double Bacon Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Big King and Big King XXL - approximately 15 to 16g/100g-. For the McDonalds: the most oily contains 19.75 g of grasa/100g-Crispy McBacon-. Him(her)-McNuggets, Big McRoyal Deluxe and McRoyal Deluxe continue with 13 to 14g of grasa/100g-. This way, while the average of fat for hamburger in McDonalds is of 24.3g, in BurgerKing it(he,she) is of 35.18g. As values of fat for 100g of hamburger we would have an average of 12.5g of fat / 100g in McDonalds and 15.7g in BurgerKing. Vs.

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