Factors Affecting the Market Value of Flats in Kolkata


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One should consider the factors influencing the market value of real estate properties in Kolkata before buying them. Watch the slides to know more about the topic. To get detailed information regarding real estate property investment in Kolkata clicks on: www.realtechnirman.com or You can follow us @ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Realtech-Nirman-Pvt-Ltd-139243269501995/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel @ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Realtech_Nirman @ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+Realtechnirman @ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/13246854/


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The market value of a real estate property in Kolkata differs on the basis of multiple factors. Prospective buyers should take care of them before booking a property. The factors not only influence the market value of the property but also impact the degree of good life. The available amenities let the property owners lead a good life and also appreciate its market value.

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The distance between the property site and central business districts Availability of a variety of transport mediums Proximity to amenities like shopping centres hospitals and schools Location

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Amenities Availability of 247 electricity water supply Advanced security surveillance facility Car parking areas Availability of green zones like gardens or children’s playing areas Community hall

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‘Housing For All by 2022’ Scheme Unique Features Swimming pools Gyms Jogging tracks

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Pricing Average price range attracts more buyers Few takers for the flats priced over a crore Young couples prefer to buy flats below Rs 35 lakhs

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Curb Appeal Impeccable external home design Landscaped garden Stylish boundary and the entrance gate

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Neighbourhood Status The financial status of your neighbours Number of car owners Number of influential people of society living in your neighbourhood

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Law Order Availability of police patrolling cars Number of crime reports in the neighbourhood Arrangements for security at night

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