Top 5 Advantages of Lab Grown Diamonds


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The following presentation talks about the major advantages of CVD diamonds popularly known as man made diamonds.


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Top 5 Advantages of Lab Grown Diamonds:

Top 5 Advantages of Lab Grown Diamonds

Environmentally Friendly Method:

Environmentally Friendly Method A new diamond mine usually requires the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of trees. Not only that, they even create some of the biggest holes in the earth using a lot of fossil fuels to extract gemstones with heavy machinery. There’s also a lot of humanitarian cost involved. All of that, while a CVD diamond can be created with heat energy and some machinery.

Colorful and Affordable:

Colorful and Affordable Not only are lab diamonds a lot less expensive than naturally mined diamonds, they even come in a bunch of colors. The colorful diamonds are usually a bit more expensive than the white ones but they’re nothing compared to the mined ones, which are expensive even for the wealthiest people.

Absolute Purity and Quality:

Absolute Purity and Quality Sometimes, when the diamonds are naturally mined, they come with a few defects as a result of the strain and chaos that takes place under the Earth’s surface. However, that’s not the case with lab grown or CVD diamonds as, ideally, being manmade gives them the advantage of absolute purity and more purity results in brighter and whiter gemstones. You can buy CVD diamond in quite a few places in India, today.

Larger But Still Budget Friendly:

Larger But Still Budget Friendly To put it as simple as possible, for the price you pay for a 2.0 carat piece of jewelry made of naturally mined diamonds, you can purchase a 3.0 or a 3.5 carat piece of jewelry made out of diamonds grown in a lab.

Same Physical, Chemical and Optical Features:

Same Physical, Chemical and Optical Features As the title signifies, the only difference between lab diamonds and mined diamonds is the birthplace and the price. About everything else is the same. You never feel like you’re wearing a piece of artificial diamond .

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