Confused Between Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds


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The following article addresses the common dilemma to choose between lab grown or CVD diamonds and naturally mined diamonds and explains which one to choose logically.


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Confused Between Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Ladies love for diamonds cannot be missed by anyone. You can find the perfect diamond jewellery for any occasion small or big. The easy availability and the variety of designs make the process of purchasing even more exciting. One can find diamond jewellery in most jewellery showrooms and online as well. A new trending concept of lab created diamonds has been observed. These diamonds are known as synthetic diamonds American diamonds man made diamonds. These diamonds have the same chemical composition as geologically derived naturally diamonds. They can be created in different shapes sizes colour and cut. Since the qualities are so alike it is very difficult to differentiate between a natural diamond and an artificial diamond. Good quality of synthetic diamonds can be differentiated only with the help of a high tech machine. Many fear buying lab-made diamonds because they are not well informed about the difference between natural diamonds and lab made diamonds. Lab grown diamonds price depends upon it quality and factors like the composition size colour facets etc. Lab grown diamonds are priced less than that of natural diamonds. One of the biggest differentiating factors between them is the rarity of natural diamonds. This factor also influences the price of the diamond. Natural diamonds are created inside the crust of the earth. They are created under high pressure and it takes millions of years for them to be created. During volcanic eruptions these diamonds come to the surface of the earth along with the lava. They are in the raw form and to be cleaned and processed after which their beauty is appreciated. They may do unnoticed till a long time someone till someone recognises it and collects it. Synthetic diamonds can be created within weeks. The pressure and other conditions essential to produce them can be organised in a lab. Also you can create a large quantity within a period of weeks. Hence the price of these diamonds is much less compared to natural diamonds. Due to their low price wide variety of designs and immense beauty they are ideal for gifting purposes. One thing you should keep in mind when buying artificial diamonds is the quality of them. If the quality is not good then there is a chance that they may turn yellow within a year. This is something that will reduce your liking towards that piece of jewellery. Most of the times the buyback price of lab grown diamonds is very low or nothing. Hence its advisable to buy them from a reputed store with a mark that certifies its quality and its manufacturing company. With these details you can receive a much higher buyback value. You can easily search for the best company online which produces these diamonds compare their prices quality designs and buyback prices. Keep these points in mind while going for diamond jewellery shopping let no lack of information fool you. Stay informed stay beautiful

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