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About Us R.D mould Industries was established in 1999. After over 20 years of hard work R.D mould Industries has grown to be one of the highest reputable mould makers with well-equipped tool room with precision VMC CNC milling machines highly skilled and dedicated workforce backed up with skilled product designers machinists programmers enable us to manufacture high quality plastic mould and deliver in time.

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R.D mould Industries is located in Ahmedabad Gujarat India. We are one of the prime plastic mould manufacturers for all types of disposable spoon mould food containers household articles Pharmaceutical items industrial parts agriculture items etc. With the guidance and assistance of our mentor Mr. Rajesh Dudhat We have a very impressive long associated customer base spread all across India and worldwide. We export Moulds to customers in Asian Countries Gulf countries and Africa continent. Our Infrastructure According to our vast experience we have established well infrastructural base which is associated with highly advance amenities. Our infrastructural base is spread into units like Quality Assurance R D Production Administration marketing Sales etc. we also have an unit for new comer who wants to embark new business our unit help them to provide all guidance about preferable machineries and material and its availabilities we also help them to provide short time training session like how to operate machine and maintain it Mould Making Process As a good reputed manufacturer in India we share the basic injection mould making process in our company EVALUATION 1. Product design department provides product information to injection mould design department injection mould designers complete cost analysis in two working days and provide to R D manager 2. R D department release “Mould Making Apply “to plastic injection mould design department after confirmed the project. 3. Injection mould designers organize relevant personnel to review the project base on the product information including product structure mould structure cooling system runner slang venting etc. MOULD DESIGN 4. After evaluation injection mould designer begin to design the plastic injection mould including 3D drawing correction 3D parting mould parts assembly drawing EDM Drawing

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Electrode Drawing etc. and organize relevant personnel to evaluate those drawings then issue to plastic injection mould making department. MATERIAL ORDER 5. Injection mould makers evaluate and study the drawings and order mould materials if there is no objection otherwise communicate with the plastic injection mould designers. MATERIAL INSPECTION 6. Injection mould maker inspect the mould materials in time after the material arrive to the factory and arrange technicians to do locksmith works include turning grinding milling screw holes water carrying hole center hole VMC WORK 7. After material inspection next step would be VMC machining we have high precision VMC Machines. The technician pay attention to the precision of each right angle sides avoid empty of the center hole and each production base. PRE TRIAL PROCESS 8. In tryout injection mold designers plastic mould makers and other personnel should go to the site making analysis and solution of abnormal in tryout and fill mold “Tryout Report” While tryout cycle time the products are defect-free Our creative team is pay attention to minimize all common molding defects as as below Keep these factors in mind when designing your injection moulded part and remember that it is easier to avoid problems in the beginning than change your design down the line. Molding Defects Alternative Name Descriptions Causes Blister Blistering Raised or layered zone on surface of the Plastic part Tool or material is too hot often caused by a lack of cooling around the tool or a faulty heater Burn marks Air Burn/Gas Burn Black or brown burnt areas on the plastic part located at furthest points from gate Tool lacks venting injection speed is too high

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Color streaks US Localized change of color Plastic material and colorant isnt mixing properly or the material has run out and its starting to come through as natural only Delamination Thin mica like layers formed in part wall Contamination of the material e.g. PP mixed with ABS very dangerous if the part is being used for a safety critical application as the material has very little strength when delaminated as the materials cannot bond Flash Burrs Excess material in thin layer exceeding normal part geometry Tool damage too much injection speed/material injected and clamping force too low. Can also be caused by dirt and contaminants around tooling surfaces. Embedded contaminates Embedded particulates Foreign particle burnt material or other embedded in the part Particles on the tool surface contaminated material or foreign debris in the barrel or too much shear heat burning the material prior to injection Flow marks Flow lines Directionally "off tone" wavy lines or patterns Injection speeds too slow the plastic has cooled down too much during injection injection speeds must be set as fast as you can get away with at all times Jetting Deformed part by turbulent flow of material Poor tool design gate position or runner. Injection speed set too high. Polymer degradation polymer breakdown from oxidation etc. Excess water in the granules excessive temperatures in barrel Sink marks Localized depression In thicker zones Holding time/pressure too low cooling time too short with sprueless hot runners this can also be caused by the gate temperature being set too high Short shot Non-Fill/Short Mold Partial part Lack of material injection speed or pressure too low Splay marks Splash Mark/Silver Streaks Circular pattern around gate caused by hot gas Moisture in the material usually when resins are dried improperly Stringiness Stringing String like remain from previous shot transfer in new shot Nozzle temperature too high. Gate hasnt frozen off Voids Empty space within part Air pocket Lack of holding pressure holding pressure is used to pack out the part during the holding time. Also mold may be out of registration when the two halves dont centre properly and part walls are not the same thickness. Weld line Knit Line/Meld Line Discoloured line where two flow fronts meet Mold/material temperatures set too low the material is cold when they meet so they dont bond Warping Twisting Part Distorted part Cooling is too short material is too hot lack of cooling around the tool incorrect water temperatures the parts bow inwards towards the hot side of the tool

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OUR COMMITMENT Baked by a state of the art infrastructure facility we are able to meet the qualitative and quantitative demands of our valuable clients. We use all entire available resources in efficient manners in order to minimize the production cost. Owning to our transparent bossiness dealing and timely delivery of consignments we have been able to gain the trust of our honorable customers. Our entire team is committed to deliver order in time. OUR VISION We look forward for the providing one-stop solution to all the mould and die requirements. Achieve business growth through customer satisfaction by providing reliable business association in each and every step mentioned above keeping I mind quality work timely response and cost effectiveness. Our vision to be world’s most customer centric company to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want in injection mould. CUSTOMIZATION AND AFTER SALE SUPPORT We strive to attain satisfaction of our client. So we are efficaciously equipped with all the necessary facilities that are vital to offer the customization service. We design and develop our products as per the specifications of our clients. We offer our products with the assurance of genuine quality and performance. In additional to these we also provide after sale support to our clients. In this we provide efficient training to embark new business and also help our client to set up new business by providing the guidance of preferable machines material operating tips and how to maintain it. Why Us Owing to our offered excellent quality products we have become the foremost choice of our esteemed clients. Some of the noticeable factors we have which we have gained a prominent position in the industry are as follows:

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• Skillful team of professional • Advance infrastructure • Timeliness • Affordable rates • Transparent dealing • Prompt delivery BASIC INFORMATION Nature of Business Manufacturer Additional Business Trader Company Owner Mr. Rajesh Dudhat Register Address 34 Arihant Estate Odhav Ring Road Odhav-Kathwada Ahmedabad-382415 Gujarat Total Number of Employees 20 Peoples Year of Establishment 1999 Legal Status of Firm Proprietorship Firm Annual Turn Over Rs. 50Lakh – 1 Crore GST NO CONTACT US R.D MOULD INDUSTRIES 34 Arihant Estate Odhav Ring Road Circle Odhav- Kathwada Ahmedabad-382415. +91 9377761062

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