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Bea WebLogic - Workshop : 

Bea WebLogic - Workshop Introduction

Agenda : 

Agenda J2EE server – architecture Java APIs BEA WebLogic Workshop Beckman Applications E-Catalog E-Store …

J2EE Architecture Diagram : 

J2EE Architecture Diagram

(SUN – Java API) : 

(SUN – Java API) Java Naming and Directory Interface™ (JNDI) Java™ Message Service (JMS), JavaMail™ Java™ Transaction API (JTA) JavaBeans™ Activation Framework (JAF) Java™ API for XML Parsing (JAXP) J2EE™ Connector Architecture Java™ Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)

Transport - Communication : 

Transport - Communication J2EE Interoperability

Become familiar with WebLogic : 

Become familiar with WebLogic Front-End applications: Web application, intranet App., legacy App. -> Servlet, JSP Middleware: Business Processes, Integration Interface -> Web Services, EJBs Standard Applications include: - XML (Extensible Markup Language), - SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocole), - SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocole) - …

Development : 

Development WebLogic Workshop: - Visual environment (applications) - Dockable palettes (customization) - Drag-and-drop Programming Tools: compile, generate code , test application, debug and deploy

Demo : 

Demo Web Application Frameworks: - JSP, Servlet, static document (HTML, image), Tag librairies, Client-side: applets and beans. Dev-based on Model-View-Controller (MVC): M= business data or logic (access, change data) V= how the model content is presented (form) C= determines navigation, action to take.

Analysis sample : 

Analysis sample

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