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There are some excellent malls in Mumbai and Delhi that have an extensive variety of shops and restaurant. R City is one of the Shopping malls in Mumbai. It has a number of stores that cater to everyone’s tastes. Shopping malls usually have well renowned brands and stock the latest items. For more information look at the reference PDF and visit here:


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The landscape of Ghatkopar has got an international makeover with Mumbai’s largest mall R City situated in the heart of the area making it the hottest and most happening retail destination for the whole of Mumbai. With its breathtaking structural beauty and it’s carefully planned brand mix R City has something to offer to everyone. R City was designed and built on the vision to re-define the shopping experience in Mumbai by offering a world class lifestyle experience where living working playing shopping combine to form a city life of epic proportions. As soon as you enter this mammoth 1.2 million square feet structure you will be immersed into a world of swanky/superior shopping infused with stellar Indian brands and inimitable/exclusive experiences. With a plethora of shopping options and entertainment avenues there’s never a dull moment or an unhappy shopper at R City. Why R City ∗ 1.2 million square feet leasable area. ∗ Anchor and junior anchor stores ∗ Mix of Indian and International brands ∗ Family entertainment Centre ∗ 9 screen Adlabs multiplex ∗ Food Courts and Restaurants ∗ Multi Level Parking ∗ A captive audience with a mix of a young BPO crowd and family oriented groups.

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Who in R City: R City is situated right in the heart of Ghatkopar and is the only super regional shopping Centre in the area. Easily approachable from Powai Kurla and Vikhroli R City boasts of a captive audience of over 2 million people in a 3 km radius. Being a one of its kind shopping Centre R City also attracts patrons from Mulund Chembur and Bhandup. Studies indicate that these pockets of the city are fast growing in economy and populace. From major companies to BPO’s and booming real estate Ghatkopar is rapidly becoming the queen of the suburbs. Young working adults with high spending income family oriented shoppers movie buffs foodies and restaurant buffs window shoppers fashion conscious shoppers all make their way to this Centre for the thrill and excitement of shopping in an rich and world class environment. Where in R City: R City prides itself on its diverse and multiple venue offerings that are available to advertisers and exhibitors. Product launches promotions art expos fashion extravaganza …the works will be conducted at the Centre. And R City will ensure that at every event your product has the desired impact. It will get delivered to the right people at the right place and the right time. At R City you can connect with your desired audience by positioning yourself amidst them in their own shopping environment as every shopper- man woman or child will have floors dedicated exclusively to them. Whoever you need to reach whatever you want to say R City is the place to get it done R City presents you to the following events spaces to choose from: ∗ Central Atrium ∗ Atriums ∗ Centre Levels

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∗ Central Atrium: Never before has your product or message received such a grand welcome as to be placed right in the Centre of all the action and entertainment. Find your spot in the brightly lit glass atrium that connects the entire Centre with a clear view from all levels. Code Floor Location Size Weekday Rate Weekend Rate EV-1 Central Atrium next to the fountain 15ft x 10ft 52500 60000 EV-2 Central Atrium near the entrance 10ft x 8ft 32000 36000 ∗ Service tax at 12.36 will be applicable ∗ Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Kindly enquire as to the latest pricing before making a booking.

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∗ Atriums: If undivided attention and a select audience is what you are after the sky lit atriums are the answer. Position yourself in the midst of major brands and stores while connecting directly with your desired audience. Code Floor ground Location Size Weekday Rate Weekend Rate EV-3 Atrium 3 near the escalator 12ft x 8ft 28800 33600 EV-4 Atrium 5 near Pantaloons 10ft x 6ft 15000 18000 ∗ Service tax at 12.36 will be applicable ∗ Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Kindly enquire as to the latest pricing before making a booking.

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∗ Centre Levels: Men Women Kids and Families shop at individual levels at R City thus presenting you with the unique opportunity to have a face to face one on one interaction with the decision maker. Based on your product offering R City will position you at the most viable and strategically poised location. Code Floor Location Size Weekday Rate Weekend Rate 1st Floor EV-5 Void 2 Near Lifestyles 6ft x 3ft 5400 6300 EV-6 Void 3 Between void 3 4 8ft x 6ft 18000 20400 EV-7 Void 5 Near Big Bazaar 10ft x 8ft 30000 34000 2nd Floor EV-8 Void 2 Near Lifestyles 6ft x 3ft 6300 7200 EV-9 Void 3 Between void 3 4 8ft x 6ft 18000 21600 EV-10 Void 5 Near Ethnicity 10ft x 8ft 32000 36000 3rd Floor EV-11 Void 2 Near Staples 6ft x 3ft 6300 7200 EV-12 Void 4 Between void 4 5 10ft x 6ft 24000 27000 ∗ Service tax at 12.36 will be applicable ∗ Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Kindly enquire as to the latest pricing before making a booking.

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How at R City: ∗ All advertisers/exhibitors wishing to carry out events/ promotions at R City should contact the Management office in the basement during the Centre operational timings. ∗ The Requisition Form available at the Management office would need to be filled in by the advertiser/exhibitor and returned to the Centre 20 working days prior to the date of the event. ∗ The form should be accompanied by a detailed description of the advertiser/exhibitor and the event being held at the Centre with designs/ layouts and specifications of the same its aim and advertising support. ∗ The payments will be made in full within 3 days from signing the requisition form. ∗ All payments will be accepted in cheque or demand draft in favor of R CITY payable at par all over India. ∗ Should the exhibitor cancel post initial payment the Centre will withhold 50 of the payment as cancellation fees. ∗ No advertiser/exhibitor will be entertained on a last minute basis unless a genuine reason is found by the Centre. ∗ All promotions/events at R City must be of a high standard and should add value to the Centre. ∗ R City reserves the right to cancel or alter any events scheduled in the Centre without prior intimation.

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Guidelines: General: ∗ All bookings will need to follow the standard Centre procedure and will have to be submitted to the Management office. No verbal bookings will be entertained. ∗ All set up and dismantling will be carried out between 11:00 pm and 9:00 am only. ∗ The Centre and Management Office shall not be held responsible for any loss or theft or damage of any equipment and signage and any injury sustained in or about the Centre to the convener its directors servants agents customers or any other person. ∗ The exhibitor is responsible for making their own safety and security arrangements. The Centre will not take any responsibility of any safety hazards caused during the course of the event. ∗ The damage to the Centre will have to be borne by the exhibitor in order to release the material withheld by the Centre in such a case. ∗ Centre promotions enjoy a preference and should it be so required other events will be re- scheduled. ∗ Tenant events and promotions enjoy preference over exhibitions by non-competitive outside companies but once an outside company’s exhibition has been confirmed it will not be cancelled to accommodate a tenant. ∗ All exhibitors are responsible for any parking costs incurred during the duration of the promotion. The Centre will not bear any costs therein. ∗ No selling exchanges of money or transactions are allowed in the promotional areas. ∗ An exhibitor can hire a space for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time. ∗ No surveys may be done inside or outside the Centre without prior arrangement with Centre Management. ∗ All exhibitors are advised to have their own public liability insurances and permissions in place before the start of activity. The Proof of Insurance will need to be provided to the Management prior to the commencement of a promotion.

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Materials: ∗ List of materials will need to be mailed to the R City Management Office to one 1 day prior to the event. Failing this no material will be allowed into the Centre. ∗ All material will be brought into the Centre through the security gate only accompanied by a material list and a representative. Set – up / Constructions: ∗ All workers / representatives of the exhibitor / agency will not be allowed to smoke or chew tobacco within the Centre premises. ∗ No worker / representative will be entertained in the Centre after operational hours without proper identification. ∗ No shop front / walk way / signage can be blocked or covered by display items. ∗ A maximum height of 12 feet is permissible in the central and side atriums. The maximum permissible height on the individual levels is 8 feet. ∗ All sound / light equipment should be masked /concealed from the view of the public. ∗ No cello tapes / brown tapes would be allowed in the Centre. ∗ Padding should be used below placing any heavy equipment of constructing a stage in the Centre. ∗ All wires / electrical or other cables should be taped and concealed. The Management can also provide the same at an additional cost. ∗ All storage and packing material should be removed from the display site and/or concealed from view. ∗ All tables used during exhibitions must be covered with neat tablecloths which must reach floor level. ∗ If the Centre is not satisfied with the setting of your promotion at any stage the Centre reserves the right to inform you to redo it or cancel the promotion without payment being reimbursed. ∗ In the case of using audio appliances or equipment that cause auditory interference exhibitors must consider the interest of surrounding tenants and the public i.e. volume levels are to be kept within reasonable limits.

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Signages: ∗ All visual merchandise and signages need to be approved by the Centre Management. ∗ The fittings or finishes of the Centre for example balustrades pot plants lamp posts pillars walls etc. may not be used by exhibitors as display structures or support. The use of screen boards will be allowed for this purpose if they meet the height restrictions. ∗ No leaflets / pamphlets / handbills can be distributed within the Centre. ∗ All exhibitions must be accompanied by printed or professionally done signage presented on a poster stand. The signage should be done in such a way that there is no doubt as to the exhibitor’s identity. NO POP-UP branding is to be used in the Centre it is preferable to have high-quality pull-up banners or other professional signage. Staff / Management: ∗ Staff managing the event / promotion should be professional well dressed groomed friendly courteous and well spoken in English. ∗ No food can be consumed by staff managing the display at the display area. ∗ No alcohol can be consumed by the staff managing the display within the Centre premises. ∗ Exhibitors should maintain a dress code for all staff present at the Centre that is in keeping with the standard of the Centre. Staff in chappals and shabby clothes will not be allowed near the display area. ∗ The display area should be manned by the exhibitor all through the trading hours i.e. 10:00 am to 10:00 pm ∗ Staff members are not allowed to smoke or chew tobacco in the Centre. ∗ No promoters / hostesses may approach customers beyond their designated promotion area. All promoters will have to be stationed in the promotion area only.

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