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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a common psychiatric disorder linked to increased hyperactivity levels.


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Homeopathy For ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD or attention deficit disorder ADD is a common psychiatric disorder linked to increased hyperactivity levels.

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➔ Symptoms of ADHD ➔ Easily distracted by sight or sound ➔ Lack of focus ➔ Unable to plan or complete tasks ➔ Not fully aware of the surrounding ➔ Learning Difficulty ➔ Can’t sit at one place

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Causes of ADHD disorder Family history increases the risk of ADHD. When mothers during pregnancy smoke alcohol or take other toxic substances. Lead exposure during the first three years of age. Injuries to brain.

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Side effects of conventional treatments Affects height Headache Dizziness Allergy Psychosis High blood pressure Also Read: Homeopathy for Autism

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Homeopathy for ADHD serves as a complete and safe treatment with no side effects and non-toxic nature. These facts make itself predominant why there is an increasing popularity of homeopathy among parents of ADHD children. According to a study conducted in Switzerland in 2001 more number of test subject responded to homeopathic treatment than to Ritalin. Also as a homeopathic doctor might recommend some lifestyle and dietary changes along with your treatment homeopathic treatment provides overall well-being.

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The most popular homeopathic remedy for ADHD is Stramonium which at low doses reduces the hyperactivity levels manages anger and violence in children. The doses are highly diluted and help to reduce the hyperactivity symptoms. Other popular homeopathic remedies for ADHD include Tuberculum Cena and Hyoscyamus. There are various other remedies for ADHD available to choose from which can be taken suited to your specific case and upon consultation with a homeopath.

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