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RC Homeopathy is an online homeopathic remedies clinic in Sydney, Australia. Where expertise meets dedication, RC homeopathy is a growing name in the homeopathic industry. Our clinic has a team of well experienced and qualified homeopaths lead by doctor Ramya Billa, whose excellence is recognized well in this industry. Be assured to get the most suitable remedy pertaining to your ailment under her expert consultation. As you can see from our success stories, our customers are greatly satisfied with us and appreciate the facility of online consultations offered for their convenience.


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Homeopathy for Weight Loss RC Homeopathy www.rchomeopathy.com.au

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Starting with the new year so many of us make resolutions- losing or gaining weight being the most popular one. But how many of us actually succeed?. Even if few of us are lucky enough, it is at the cost of our health. Gaining or losing fat can have an impact on how the brain regulates energy absorbed and energy expended. Recent researches are also showing how dieting can have adverse consequences on your health in the long run. A study published in psychosomatic medicine explained that dieting causes an increased production of cortisol which promotes weight gain. Several other health concerns include heart disease, increased blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

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Your weight reduction efforts can also be influenced by these factors No of calories in the actual meal vary from that on the label menu Amount of energy available in food is not necessarily the energy we absorb Type and quantity of Bacteroidetes in your body. These bacteria are most efficient in extracting calories than any other bacteria Processed Foods Make you Gain Weight Faster Processed foods come with already done break down of compounds. This result is an intake of more calories than usual and we tend to gain weight. Also, as no additional calories are expended to digest this food so your calories are retained. This is the same reason you are advised not to eat junk foods. On the other hand, taking a raw diet enables you to loose your calories as additional digestive work is done.

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Homeopathic Treatment for Weight Loss A visit to a homeopath consists of a full detailed analysis of your lifestyle, diet patterns, medical conditions, and family history. Homeopathy offers effective weight management through remedies made of all natural substances. Under homeopathic treatment, individual weight issues are considered for treatment. This can include his genetics, gut bacteria count, eating patterns, traumas in life, family history, etc. A homeopath also guides you through any lifestyle or diet changes if required. The best part is that you can manage your weight without compromising your health. Homeopathic medicines for weight loss are all natural and safe and does not create any irritation. As with conventional diet plans that change and can hamper your natural body environment, homeopathy does it work with the natural force already residing within you. Our body in most cases is capable enough to regulate any unhealthy behavior itself. But sometimes this force may become weak either by using an improper diet plan for a long time or use of western medicines. Homeopathy can stimulate this force through homeopathic remedies and cover up the missing information a bring back the body to its natural state.

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But how much time your individual body may take depends upon a personalized analysis. Thereby if you are planning to manage your weight issue, plan a visit to a qualified homeopathic practitioner soon. A homeopath considers your physical, mental, and emotional health before prescribing with the remedies most suitable for your weight issue. Homeopathic medicine for weight loss helps optimize your digestion and metabolism to provide relief from obesity, overweight, and weight loss issues.   Top Homeopathic Medicines for Weight Loss, Obesity and Overweight Issues   Calcarea Carbonica • For people with heavy weight in the middle • Palm sweating • Shortness of breath • Obese children Lycopodium • Excessive weight gain due to hypothyroidism • Weight issues due to gastric and liver problems • Fat in thighs and buttocks

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Ammonium Mur • Sudden anger • Fat body • Large buttocks • Thin Legs Natrum Mur • More weight in thighs and buttocks • Longing for salt • Obesity due to stress Antimonium Crudum • Obese and overweight children • White coating in the tongue • Discolored nail • Sensitive people Graphites • Fatigue • Itching • Gas formation • Stomach pain   If you still have any doubt or concerns, please feel free to drop me a message at  info@RChomeopathy.com.au  and I will get back to you soon. Note: Do not self-medicate any of the remedies listed above .  Consult a qualified homeopath

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