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Serving as a well-known name, RC Homeopathy offers a wide range of online and offline homeopathic consultation and services in Sydney, Australia. Managed under the expert guidance of founder Ramya Billa, we offer professional and up to date health care services. Earlier established with a single vision to provide natural and safe healing treatments, we have now diversified our services that are well in alignment with the homeopathic industry standards. Once you consult us, our well trained homeopathic practitioners will provide you with friendly support, inspiration and motivation throughout your treatment with us. We specialize in the treatment of recurrent infections such as colds, tonsillitis, skin conditions, gynecology problems, sleep disorders, depression, asthma, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, backaches, sinusitis, migraine, anxiety, allergies, nasal polyps, eye infections, adenoids, infertility, worm infestations, hair loss, ENT problems and many more. RC Homeopathy founder MS Ramya is also a registered Practitioner of the Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH) and a member of the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA) in Sydney, Australia. She holds Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine from NTR University of Health Sciences and has a track record of treating hundreds of cases of varied diseases, ages, and severity.


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Homeopathic Treatment RC HOMEPATHY

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Homeopathic Treatment of Milk Allergy Milk allergy is a common food allergy found in children for milk and its related products. The immune system of the child becomes hyperactive and starts an immune response against the protein alpha S1 casein found in milk.

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As a result of this defensive action, antibodies are produced against this protein which causes milk allergy symptoms as listed below . Signs and Symptoms of Milk Allergy Hives Wheezing Itching Swelling Vomiting Coughing   While some late symptoms that may occur are as   Loose stool Colic Abdominal cramps Watery eyes Runny nose  

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The symptoms listed above may vary between children and also in the same child at different times. People having a family history of allergies or suffering from atopic dermatitis are at high risk of developing this allergy. As time passes, children outgrow this allergy. But if it still remains, such children should avoid milk and its related products. Usually,  most cases of milk allergy are caused by cow’s milk but in some cases, this allergy can also be caused after consuming the milk of other mammals as well such as sheep, goat, or buffalo. Though avoiding milk products can serve as a primary treatment but for effective management, we recommend consultation with a homeopath. A homeopath looks on to the particular symptoms of your child for prescribing with the most effective remedies. Your family history of allergies, if any, is also of prime concern for a homeopath as this gives an important indication of the possible risk factors that lead to the development of this allergy in the first place. Also, a brief study which is conducted during the initial consultation itself allows to work closely with the symptoms for effective overall relief. We recommend taking your child immediately to a homeopathy practitioner soon after noticing the milk allergy symptoms as at this time symptoms are best discernible for prescribing with the best suitable remedies. The homeopathic remedies which are sourced from all natural resources help optimize the immune system so that your child gets relief from the severity of the symptoms .

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Difference Between Milk Allergy and Milk Intolerance It is easy to confuse milk allergy with milk intolerance as they may show similar symptoms. But there is a difference in how they produce their associated symptoms. Lactose intolerance involves the digestive system whereby the body is unable to produce enough lactase an enzyme responsible for digesting lactose i.e the sugar in milk. As a result, the undigested lactose moves to the colon where it produces uncomfortable milk intolerance symptoms While milk allergy involves an immune system where it assumes the protein in milk to be as an invader and starts defensive action producing symptoms that can range from moderate to severe. We recommend consulting  a homeopathic practitioner  if you have any doubt. Homeopathic Medicines for Milk Allergy Natrum carb :  when the person gets diarrhea after milk intake, Natrum carb is recommended. Stool smell sour and the blood may also appear. Magnesia Muriatica : This remedy is prescribed when stomach pain occurs after milk intake. Apis mellifica : Prescribed when a person develops hives after milk intake. Symptoms worsen with warmth and improve with cold applications. Calcarea carb :  When a person vomits after milk intake, calcarea carb is recommended.   If you still have any doubt or concerns, please feel free to drop me a message at  and I will get back to you soon. Note: Do not self-medicate any of the remedies listed above .  Consult a qualified homeopath

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