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Developing Reading Skills in Skimming and Scanning :

Developing Reading Skills in Skimming and Scanning

Skimming :

Skimming Reading is one of the most academic tasks faced by students. One has to read a variety of texts ranging from a short e-mail to a voluminous book or lengthy report everyday. In general the word skimming refers to take butter from butter milk.

Skimming :

Skimming In reading skimming refers to reading a text to get the gist -the basic overall idea rather than concentrating on absorbing all the details. The best example for skimming is to read a newspaper article to get a quick overview. Skimming is done at a speed three to four times faster than the normal reading. Skimming is a rapid reading technique that prepares the reader for detailed reading.

The Objective of Skimming :

The Objective of Skimming The main objective of skimming is to understand the main points and the central idea of the text. People often skim when they have a lot of material to read in a limited amount of time.

Strategies in Skimming:

Strategies in Skimming Some people read the first and last paragraphs using headings. Some people read the title, subtitle, heading and down the page or screen.

Uses of skimming:

Uses of skimming Skimming works well to find dates, names, and places. It is also used to review a chart, graphs, tables etc. Skimming is helpful when one seek for specific information. Skimming is for pleasure or for pastime not for comprehensive reading of a text.

Skimming Helps:

Skimming Helps Skimming helps to understand Overall purpose Central idea Organizational pattern Main points. Author’s intention – to describe, narrate, report, explain, discuss etc.


Scanning Scanning is a natural skill. One can scan the environment for directions, food, people, and objects of danger and fascination. In reading scanning is a rapid but focused reading of text in order to locate specific information rather than to absorb all the information. Scanning helps one in quickly identifying the information one wants. The best example for scanning is to locate a word in a dictionary.

Guidelines to enhance Scanning skills:

Guidelines to enhance Scanning skills Be clear with your purpose- What you want to find Note the arrangement of information. Use the index, heading bold type to find the information keep clue words Do not stop the movement of your eyes till you find the specific information. Use hand or finger movement to move swiftly through the text. Aim at 100% accuracy.

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