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Writing to argue :

Writing to argue Mr. Rey SBunuan February 9, 2012

General Objectives of the Lesson::

General Objectives of the Lesson: The whole point of this section of the paper is to see if you can make the right decisions when writing. The examiner expects you to be able to respond in a way that will serve your purpose and in a way that your audience will understand and appreciate. You are also expected to understand what decisions to make for the format they suggest.

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To Argue - To explore different points of view To Persuade - To force people to think or behave in a certain way To Advise - To suggest what somebody should do

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You are expected to understand that to argue you need to present different points of view. The most important thing to consider when arguing is the organisation of your ideas . There are two types of argument: balanced and persuasive.

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A balanced argument is w hen you explore the different points of view equally

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Yes or No to Television ? Many people have strong views about whether television is good for children or not. It has been a debate that has raged since television was first popular in the 1950s. Television does help people to learn far more quickly, as it involves using both pictures and sound. This has been proven to be the case with programmes such as Sesame Street and Balamory , which has taught children to read and to make things . However, the Teletubbies was actually criticised because it stopped children’s speech from developing appropriately. Parents were finding that their children were mimicking the speech of the characters rather than using correct words. Therefore, television can sometimes do more harm than good to the education of children . sure their children watch the correct things in order to get the most benefit.

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Furthermore, television has been directly linked to the increase in violence in society. 14% of all violent crime has been linked to people who have been inspired to commit crime because of something they have seen on the television. One such case was the kidnapping and murder of Jamie Bulger , where the boys who committed the crime were acting out a scene from Childs’ Play . Yet, television does play an important part in keeping us informed about what is going on in the world. For example, many people listen to the news to help them understand better who they should vote for. The news also allows them to appreciate what is going on in their local area . In conclusion, although television has been linked to violence in society, it also has many benefits. It seems to be up to people to make

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Today’s Overview :

Today’s Overview

Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives Technology Procedure Policies Benefits

New Work:

New Work

New Work:

New Work The technology learning curve

Who’s Who:

Who’s Who Lead Contact information Jim Jim@company.com Dee Dee@gcompany.com Mavis Mavis @company.com Doug Doug@company.com

Working Toward Mastery:

Time Spent Projects Worked On Get Familiar Achieve Mastery Working Toward Mastery Get Experienced

Doing Your Best Work:

Doing Your Best Work Working from home Working offsite Technology requirements

Case Study:

Case Study Jeremy His first day Mistakes made Successes achieved The moral of the story


Discussion What we can learn from Jeremy Best practices Take-aways


Summary Define your challenges Technological as well as personal Set realistic expectation Mastery is not achieved overnight Keep your eye on the goal Mentorship programs


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