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a sample guide to writing a persuasive essay


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Writing TO PERSUADE Mr. Rey Bunuan /October, 2012

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The whole point of this writing to persuade lesson is to see if you can make the right decisions when writing. The examiner expects you to be able to respond in a way that will serve your purpose and in a way that your audience will understand your position. You are also expected to understand what decisions to make for the format/structure and style in your writing.

Specific lessonobjective:

Specific lessonobjective At the end of the lesson, you are expected to: 1.point out the meaning of writing to persuade, writing to argue and writing to advise; Read a sample persuasive essay for a clearer view of the writing task’ structure; Identify and highlight the issue, thesis statement and evidences in the given text. Discuss in pairs the evidences in the given extract.

Audience The people who will be reading your piece of writing :

Audience The people who will be reading your piece of writing When writing, you must consider the language you would use when ask to write to: Teacher Head master/Principal Friend Parent


PURPOSE To Persuade - To force people to think or behave in a certain way To Argue - To explore both points of view but support one side of the argument To Advise - To suggest what somebody should do


WRITING TO PERSUADE SPOKEN WRITTEN VISUAL MULTI-MODAL Speech Lecture Conversation Radio program Essay Article Letter email Poster Cartoon TV program ads Website Documentary Video game CD - Rom


STRUCTURE Issue: Thesis Statement Evidence 1 Evidence 2 Evidence 3


Worksheet Discussion – to ban smoking text

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