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100,000 new web videos are uploaded each day.

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Why are most of them so bad ?

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These content contributors have

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These content contributors have the interest the tools the time

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…but not the content !

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We’ll provide the content. As seen in:

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Producers Writers This community activity happens inside

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Not one, but multiple videos per script are made offline on free film editing software

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Scripped will push the best videos to development departments of media firms. These videos are then uploaded by the producers back into Scripped.

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Firms can also pull the top videos for a specific media or advertising campaign.

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Great, so how do you guys make money ? fees sales syndications

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60% 30% 10% Producers Writers Scripped makes 60% on all sales and syndications.

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We also sell script protection and rating products.

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“If Scripped existed when I started back in 1993, I would have been all over it.” - Edward Burns

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Yes, we’re live! Quickly approaching 10,000 writers from all 50 states and over 75 countries!

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We project success. And an 11x ROI over 4 years. Corporate documentation provided by Pillsbury Winthrop in sunny CA.

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Interested in us? We’re interested in you.

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