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With products for a wide range of applications and industries, RBM Plastics is here to assist in the creation of custom solutions for the unique demands of your business. Visit


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Plastic extrusion is a manufacturing process where raw plastic materials are melted down and then formed into a continuous profile through a die and series of forming plates.

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Plastic extrusions produces all types of products and are particularly useful for manufacturing window frames tubing pipes and weather stripping. Before choosing an extrusion manufacturer for custom parts there are several criteria to be taken into consideration. Let’s discuss the few:

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Range Of Polymers: • Flexible and Rigid PVC • Polypropylene • Polyethylene • Polycarbonate • Acrylic • TPR’s Santoprene Equivalents • Polyamide Nylon including Glass Filled Nylon….

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Industries They Cover: Make sure the extrusion manufacturer you choose should do extruded profiles tubing and Flexible PVC compounds for the following industries: • Automotive • Adhesive tapes • Wire insulation • Footwear • Plumbing • Medical Veterinary • Agriculture • Marine • Building Construction • Furniture • Electrical • Mining

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Full Service from Design Concept to Finished Product The company you choose should offer a full range of services including: Tooling Material Selection Extrusion Packaging After Sales Service

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Choose RBM Plastics for All Your Extrusion Needs RBM Plastics specialises in the extrusion of a wide range of plastic profiles magnetic profiles and plastic tubing using a variety of polymers. Their expertise in the design and manufacture of Tooling including Extrusion Dies and Calibrators enables to provide consistent quality and close tolerances on extruded products. Call + 61 2 9748 2638 Visit

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