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The main objective of School Health Education service is to prevent illness as well as to promote health and well-being of the students.


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Importance of School Health Education The education system does not pay the right amount of attention to health education as it is often considered an unimportant subject. However here we want to tell you why health education is important in schools. Children are the wealth of a nation. It is therefore the responsibility of the school to provide for their welfare and cooperate with the home and the community in organising effective health education programme. Objectives of School Health Education The main objective of this service is to prevent illness as well as to promote health and well- being of the students through:  Early detection and care of students with health problems  Prevention of communicable diseases  Ensure a healthy environment for children  Develop healthy attitudes and healthy behaviours in students Major Benefits Healthy living patterns in childhood and adolescence promote optimal childhood growth and intellectual development. In addition it prevents immediate health problems such as iron deficiency anaemia obesity eating disorders and dental caries and may also prevent long-term health problems such as coronary heart disease cancer and stroke. And school health education can help children and adolescents attain full educational potential and good health by providing them with the skills social support and environmental reinforcement they need to adopt long-term healthy living behaviours. Health education should be a significant addition to the curricula of schools because health is a source of major concern. The existence of health problems can disrupt the opportunities for learning in the sense that it can disrupt classroom attendance and the overall state of mind. Moreover increasing awareness among the student body can reduce the risk of human life and human existence. Recently with the kind of development and awareness happening all around most of the top 10 CBSE schools in Gujarat have introduced medical facilities including doctors nurses and restrooms inside the school campus. Some international English medium schools in Navsari have even started to provide first aid and periodical health check-ups for the students. In fact a few sophisticated primary schools in Navsari even have medical nurses who do periodical physical checkups and keeps records of students vital statistics such as height and weight. This information is then

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shared with parents so that their family members know exactly what to do in case of a reaction. While there do exist some secondary and primary schools in Gujarat that paint a sorry picture in terms of readiness to handle emergencies due to lack of funds and space. In this case if the school doesn’t have the facility we request the parents to implement healthy behaviour patterns in their children at home. Because no matter what good living and healthy life first starts at home

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