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Project- based learning (PBL) : 

Project- based learning (PBL)

Basics of Power Point : 

Basics of Power Point

6x6 rule : 

6x6 rule 6 bullet maximum 6 word per bullet maximum Keep it simple Talking points

Slide 4: 

Minimum of 5/maximum of 7 slides/pages Minimum of 5/maximum of 15 graphics, photographs or animations Minimum of 0/maximum of 2 Web links Minimum of 2/maximum of 4 resources Minimum of 0/maximum of 2 sounds Minimum of 0/maximum of 1 video clips Set Parameters

Slide 5: 

Potential for cross-curricular integration Real-world connections Use of Internet, software programs, and hardware

Slide 6: 

Not Specific Rather…. 50 States and Capitals Citing Sources

Jigsaw projects : 

Jigsaw projects

WebQuests/PowerQuests : 

WebQuests/PowerQuests What is a WebQuest?  According to Tom March there are six elements of a real WebQuest: a scaffolded learning experience use of links to essential resources on the World Wide Web, an authentic task to motivate students' investigation, open-ended questions, development of individual expertise, and participation in a group process which leads to sophisticated understanding. The Learning Power of WebQuests (Educational Leadership, December 2003/January 2004)

Student projects : 

Student projects

Project assessment : 

Project assessment Rubric Checklist Checkbric

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