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OBJECTIVE: is to practice Extrudeing to create 3d projects, & insert views into the “Given-Titleblock”. Problem #9: (100 pts)

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Follow the How to start instructions given in PPT for P#7 Start off with a new English (IPT) part drawing Set the iProperties to match. Name this time is “Bracket” This is VERY IMPORTANT for the last part of this assignment! If you have iProperties et correctly = your Titleblock will be set!

Slide 3: 

Set the Sketch “Grid” to X & Y =.125 Minor = 1 & Major Snap =8

Slide 4: 

Make sure you Save As Your “U” Drive Inventor Folder P9-Bracket

Slide 5: 

Slide 6: 

You will begin by drawing the top view, 2 point recatngle that is 6 wide & 7 long.

Slide 7: 

Now draw lines so that you can get the center of the 2 circles, dimension & change to match.

Slide 8: 

Erase your construction lines, Extrude 2"

Slide 9: 

It should look something like this.

Slide 10: 

Now click on "look at" & sketch for the Front of it.

Slide 11: 

Draw the following lines, 8.17 long & 135 angle

Slide 12: 

Draw the following lines, to get the front side veiw.

Slide 13: 

Delete the dimensions & Then Extrude it 6, towards the back

Slide 14: 

It should look something like this.

Slide 15: 

Look at & sketch on this surface

Slide 16: 

Draw a line that is centered on 3 & 3.

Slide 17: 

Now draw a circle that is 2.95, erase dimensions & construction line.

Slide 18: 

Make a hole that goes through all

Slide 19: 

It should look something like this.

Slide 20: 

Now click on Fillet, radius should be 3, click on these 2 edges ONLY.

Slide 21: 

If you see this, good click on Apply.

Slide 22: 

You should see this now.

Slide 23: 

Next, ADD the Bracket (ipt) to the Simple drawing given. You will use the “Given- Titleblock & steps form here on out”.

Slide 24: 

File, Open, Open & browse t o the Titleblock Given on my website. The One you were told to download Save to your “U” drive!

Slide 25: 

Select the Place View tab, Base button

Slide 26: 

Browse until you find The P9-Bracket (ipt)

Slide 27: 

Start off with the Front Move your mouse to place the others

Slide 29: 

Delete, Move, change scale,etc.. the views around as Needed . Annotate – Dimension, &dimension to match. NOTE= this is an AUXILARY projected view!

Slide 30: 

To edit the Text = Right click on the CHS Layer Edit Definition

Slide 31: 

IF you set iProperties correctly = Only will need to correct the Scale Right click on the text & select Edit text

Slide 32: 

See how the scale Now says 1:4

Slide 33: 

Select Exit, Finish Sketch & the Yes button

Slide 34: 

Make sure you Save As Your “U” Drive Inventor Folder P9-Bracket Drawing

Slide 35: 

Print the drawing as a PDF Upload the DRAWING to Moodle for grading.

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