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complete colour theory presentations for download.


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An Introduction to Color Theory:

www.hamdan An Introduction to Color Theory

What is color theory?:

What is color theory? Make aesthetically pleasing blends Maximum readability and clarity

Primary Colors:

Primary Colors Colors cannot be created from mixing others Includes: RED BLUE YELLOW

Secondary Colors:

Secondary Colors Mixing two primary colors together Includes: ORANGE GREEN VIOLET Mix secondary colors to get tertiary

The Color Wheel:

The Color Wheel

The Color Wheel:

The Color Wheel Most important tool in color theory Complementary colors Contrast does not always mean good color pairing “Simultaneous contrast”

The Importance of Contrast:

The Importance of Contrast This could be very important information you need to read, but can you? No. You could be missing out on something life changing, all because you aren’t listening, and the presenter didn’t have the common sense to use a contrasting color for his font. This, on the other hand, is incredibly easy to read, since it is a red font on a blue background. Complementary colors.

The Importance of Contrast:

The Importance of Contrast Use contrast to draw attention

Analogous Colors:

Analogous Colors

Colors and Emotions:

Colors and Emotions Some colors are associated with emotions Red = danger, excitement, etc. Blue = calm, relaxed, etc. Yellow = happy, positive

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