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“Education system in Pakistan”:

“Education system in Pakistan” Presented By. Ahsan Mumtaz Abbasi Reg No: 1421-109007 BS(Information Technology) 10 th

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents Levels of Education System Division of Education system according to Schools Responsibility of Provinces

Level of Education Division:

Level of Education Division Primary level (Class 1 to 5) Middle level (Class 5 to 8th) Secondary level (S.S.C) Intermediate level (H.S.C) University level (Graduation, Masters and Research)

Division of Education system according to School System:

Division of Education system according to School System Public Schools or Government Schools Elite Class Schools (private schools) Madarsas

Public Schools or Government Schools:

Public Schools or Government Schools These schools are managed and financed by the government. Unfortunately, the majority of the schools are in poor condition.

Elite Class Schools (private schools):

Elite Class Schools (private schools) Due to badly failure of government in providing the Education, the Elite Class Education System in Pakistan got successes very quickly. Today, even poor prefer to send their child in these private schools but because of high fee structure many aspirants are unable to part this Education System

Madarsas :

Madarsas Madarsas are the largest NGOs of the world. Today in Pakistan about 8000 Madarsas are working. They provide not only Education but also accommodation and food. They provide Islamic as well as worldlyEducation . Mostly, poor parents who are unable to educate their child prefer this Education System.

Responsibility of Provinces:

Responsibility of Provinces To set the Curriculum To set the Syllabus Standards of Education up to Grade 12 ( F.Sc , H.S.C, I.Com , etc). Islamic Education

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