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SCHEDULING What do you mean I can’t change my class!?!?

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You will receive your course selection on March 18 – take it to your teachers each period. * It is collected at the end of the day on March 18. You will meet in a one to one conference with your guidance counselor during a directed study. Then the sheet goes home for a parent/guardian to sign.

How your schedule is created: : 

How your schedule is created: Your teachers make course recommendations for : English Mathematics Science Social Studies Foreign Language

Now this is important . . . : 

Now this is important . . . YOU select your electives . . . YOU need to know if you meet the prerequisites. . . YOU need to know what the courses are about . . .

Well how am I supposed to do that? : 

Well how am I supposed to do that? R-E-A-D The Course Description Catalog

* BEFORE 3/18 Go to: The Shepherd Hill Regional High School website from: Go to the Guidance link Then the Course Descriptions for 2010/2011 link – courses are set up by department

Scheduling conferences during Directed Studies : 

Scheduling conferences during Directed Studies Juniors F-Th March 26- April 1 Sophomores M-Th April 5-9 Freshmen M-F April 12-16

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IT IS MANDITORY TO SELECT ALTERNATIVE ELECTIVES! Much work is done to place the electives you have asked for in your schedule. It cannot always happen – for a number of reasons. The alternative choices tell us what the “next best thing” would be.

Scheduling Conferences : 

Scheduling Conferences Guidance Counselors will call for students from Directed Studies (you should not come down until called) This is only the data entry point – no schedule is generated at this juncture So… it is not the case that students called down first have any sort of advantage

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The requests from every student are entered into the computer by your counselor during your one to one conference. AND THEN . . . The Master Schedule for the school is built.

Yeah, but why can’t I change my class later? : 

Yeah, but why can’t I change my class later? The number of requests for a course are used to determine if it will be run or not. The number of requests for a course are also used to determine the number of sections of a course.

What? : 

What? Classes are run or not run based on what you put on your course selection sheets in MARCH. Classes have a cap on the number of students who can enroll. Schedules will NOT be changed to get you into a class that you did not ask for during this process.

During the summer : 

During the summer Work is done to try and get you into the classes you have asked for. Classes are actually placed in the Master Schedule so that the largest number of students who ask for a class . . . get the class.

A couple of notes : 

A couple of notes Independent Studies – are available to Juniors and Seniors only. They are carried IN ADDITION to your minimum caseload. You may NOT drop a requested class (semester 1 or 2) to add an Independent Study The only request to change a class that will be considered, will be if you have had a teacher before.

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Your attention to your course requests at this point will serve you well. Remember… ask for the courses you want… and want the courses you ask for! If you have ANY questions, please have them ready for your one to one conference with your Guidance Counselor!

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