Wondering What are the Symptoms of a Bad Transmission?


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If you’re wondering what are the symptoms of a bad transmission, Call Ray's Garage, Inc for scheduling an appointment. Following the suggested transmission service intervals will help prevent costly transmission repair


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Visit Our Official Car Shop Website : www.raysgarageut.com “Regular Transmission Service Can Improve Your Vehicle’s Life Longevity” Are You Noticing Any Transmission Problems? Choose “ Ray's Garage, Inc. ” As your Trusted Transmission Repair Shop Near Sandy UT Where Honesty Meets Mechanic


Let’s Speak with Our Certified Car Technicians by Calling on 801-561-5671 Why Transmission Fluid Change Is Important? The reason is very simply due to mathematics. The engines oil has to be changed at least every  3K to 5K miles . You understand that if you want to keep your vehicle for very long, you will make sure to follow the intervals for transmission service recommended in your owner’s manual (i.e., every 60 K to 100K miles).


Schedule your Appointment Online today at www.raysgarageut.com Shifting Problems: Is it hard to shift into gear or does your car “pop” out of gear? The engine may start to sound like it’s whining, or it’s refusing to change gears, or accelerating is sluggish at best. You may be hearing clunking and thumping sounds when you shift. Worn-out parts: Worn out parts in the transmission system may find you have to force the gearshift into the next year, causing your vehicle to lurch or jerk while shifting. Schedule a transmission service as soon as possible for an inspection to see which parts are wearing out and whether or not your vehicle is safe to drive. Transmission warning light: A warning light alone doesn’t necessarily mean you have a transmission problem. But, if any of the above symptoms are occurring in conjunction with the warning light, as above, schedule a transmission service to have a diagnostic test run to find a possible “error” code. Major transmission failure: If you’ve been a vehicle owner for very long, you know that it is more cost effective to keep up with the recommended transmission service intervals than to wait for a major and costly repair, such as a transmission rebuild or replacement. Do You Want to Know What are the Symptoms of a Bad Transmission? “Proudly Serving All the Vehicle Owners in Sandy, UT, and Other Nearby Areas”


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