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Quality Brake Service Needed in Sandy, UT? Bring your vehicle at our ASE Certified Brake Repair Shop located at 182 W 9210 S, Sandy, UT 84070. Regular brake repair helps to keep safe driving


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Visit Our Official Auto Shop Website : “Your Quality Brake Repair C an Enhance your Vehicle’s Life” Choose “Ray's Garage, Inc.” As Your Reliable Brake Shop near Sandy, UT

Are you in need of Quality Brake Service For your Vehicle?:

Are you in need of Quality Brake Service For your Vehicle? Let’s Speak with our Certified Technicians by Calling on 801-561-5671 When you take your vehicle for a brake repair, Many certified auto specialists offer a free brake inspection beforehand, then they may offer you a better deal on premium brake repair service and replacements. Most shops specializing in brakes have quality brake replacements right on site, so time spent at the shop is minimized. Although it is always best to call ahead for the fastest service, most of the time no appointment is necessary. A reputable shop also may offer a lifetime replacement warranty on specific types of pads for your vehicle. it is always good to ask your auto technician about them when you visit an auto repair shop.

Do you Know Why Brake Repair is Important For Your Vehicle?:

Your vehicle's brakes are the most important mechanical device on your vehicle. It is significant to get them inspection at regular intervals by a certified auto experts. particularly if the brakes on your vehicle are making a squealing , if the vehicle pulls to the right or left, or vibrates when you are braking. If you noticed those sounds or any difference in braking performance it's time to take the vehicle in and have the problem looked at. Simply choosing an independent auto mechanic that has no certification in break replacement can lead to dangerous problems. When you choose an professional experts to do your brake repair you can count on safety to be their top concern. Not all brake repair shops and jobs are the same, the cheapest is not always the best repair in the long run. It is always good to shop around and find a locally owned and operated company with a good reputation, after all, some of us are driving around with our loved ones in the vehicle. Do you have stopping issues in your vehicle? You won't need to worry about it, Our Professional Auto Technicians will help you to fix all your brakes problems in your vehicle. Do you Know Why Brake Repair is Important For Your Vehicle? Schedule your Brake Repair Online today at


Get a Free Consultation With Our ASE Certified Brake Repair Shop Ray's Garage, Inc- Brake Service Shop Address : 182 W 9210 S , Sandy, UT 84070 Phone : 801-561-5671 Website : Email Id: “Like us” on Facebook Page “Follow us” on Twitter “Follow us” on Google+ “Review us” on Yelp “Subscribe our” Car Care Tips Blog “Try our New Mobile App to Manage your Auto Repair into your Fingertips” “Proudly Serving all Vehicle Owners in Sandy, UT and other surrounding areas”

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