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Research and Measurement Council -- March Webinar:

Research and Measurement Council -- March Webinar New RCM Members March 18, 2010

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Agenda Introductions Assets Committees New RMC Members: Call to Action! Open Discussion – as time allows


Introductions Tarah Remington Dr. Walter Carl Neil Beam

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RMC Mission The Research & Measurement Council is responsible for developing projects , programs and tools that engage marketers and create understanding of the importance of integrating metrics and measurement into WOM and social media marketing campaigns. Projects the Research Council has worked on recently include: The Best Practices for Measurement Guidebook The Terminology Framework The Research Council is also actively involved in the education development of WOMMA’s annual Summit as well as judging the WOMMY Awards.

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The RMC is: Roles and Responsibilities Council expectations and roles of volunteer members Scope of RMC, Projects, and outputs Regular Full (every-other-month) & Ad-Hoc Meetings (as needed) Assets WIKI Blog Newsletter Project Outcomes/Outputs Collaboration Between other WOMMA Councils With external affiliates

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Benefits Actively shape the direction of the WOM industry and WOMMA members through research and measurement Working with the Board to influence WOMMA direction Establish reputation as thought leaders Collegiality of like minds Lead a cutting edge dialogue

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Ways To Participate Committee Leadership Committee Participation Blog Contributor Newsletter Editorial Authorship Reviewers



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RMC Blog As a part of the WOMMA Word; articles tagged for RMC Contributions include academic, research and brand publications Content: Study and the Analysis of what Research and Measurement means to the WOM industry Length: 500 to 700 words Send content to Pat McCarthy ( )

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RMC Newsletter Bi-Monthly Contents: Cull WORD content for inclusion Member Blog posts (material to the conversation without a pitch or an ask for business) Research Articles Conference/Symposium Presentations Webinar related to Research (consider WORD for promotion before the webinar Send content to Pat McCarthy ( ) Anticipate early May for first Newsletter We will be tracking types of articles, who submits and quality for improvements and acknowledgement



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Member Requests in 2010 Customer Service Community ROI How to evaluate social media monitoring and listening vendors How brands manage conversations about themselves when engaging consumers, esp. moms

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RMC Sub-Committees (1) Customer Service TBD & Neil Beam, AT&T Community Jennifer Voissard, ComBlu ROI Idil Cakim, GolinHarris Social Media Listening/Monitoring Evaluation Toolkit TBD Conference Sub-Committees and Sessions TBD

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RMC Sub-Committees (2) Projecting the Brand when Engaging Consumers Christina Mejia, Fanscape The Online/Offline WOM Relationship Idil Cakim, GolinHarris & TBD The Measurement and Metrics Guidebook Walter Carl, ChatThreads WOMMY Awards Idil Cakim & Brad Fay, Keller Fay Group Liaison with External Associations+ Terminology Framework TBD

Call to Action!:

Call to Action! Where do you want to lend your skills? What can you contribute? What role do you want to have in the RMC?

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Ways To Participate Committee Leadership Committee Participation Blog Contributor Newsletter Editorial Authorship Reviewers

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RMC Sub-Committees Customer Service Community ROI Social Media Listening/Monitoring Evaluation Toolkit** Conference Sub-Committees and Sessions** Projecting the Brand when Engaging Consumers The Online/Offline WOM Relationship The Measurement and Metrics Guidebook WOMMY Awards Liaison with External Associations + Terminology Framework**

Open Discussion:

Open Discussion

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