Epping Dentists The Modern-Day Tooth Fairies

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1 https://rawsondental.com.au Epping Dentists The Modern-Day Tooth Fairies Committed to ace in dentistry and operating with their work base at Rawson St Epping the Rawson Epping Dental clinic was established in 1979. Focused on preserving your lighting smile and increasing the awareness of oral and dental health among the general public Epping Dentist have played a phenomenal role in serving the people of Australia. Our team headed by Dr.Thuy le and Dr.Tracy Le - the principal dentists of Rawson consists of pioneers in the field of dentistry for over 20 years. We provide our clients the most up-to-date and optimal dental care that they deserve. The One Stop Solution to All Your Dental Problems The sound expertise of Epping Dentists provides a one-stop solution to all your dental problems. Let it be preventive care or restorative corrective or cosmetic surgical or just an informative regular checkup for adults or children our dental experts provide unbeatable service.

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2 https://rawsondental.com.au Is a crooked tooth dusking your facial beauty Are you embarrassed of your yellowish teeth Are you suffering a traumatic injury that has altered the shape of your dentition Our cosmetic corrections are here to the rescue. Invisible braces to straighten rooked teeth whitening of teeth and advanced 3D scanning technology that can create for you the perfect crowns to restore your lost tooth and confidence. Running out of your savings We at Rawson Dental also provide cost-effective porcelain veneers to replace your damaged tooth face at a cheap price. In some instances excessive tooth decay or an injury might damage your tooth completely. Our dental implants unit can clean up the decay and insert an implant without any damage to the adjacent healthy teeth. Alternatively a deep cavity can be fixed by our experts in Root Canal therapy. We deliver this time consuming yet efficient dental solution with a perfect blend of experience and advanced technology. Our restorative treatment procedures include dental onlay and inlay fillings made of composite resins or porcelain to cure the pain caused by cavities or bacterial infection. In a single visit you will be able to feel that your teeth are no longer sensitive. Paediatric Dentistry

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3 https://rawsondental.com.au Prevention is better than cure. Get your kids into the habit of regular dental check-ups to prevent early signs of cavity. For children generally the visit with a dentist isa nightmare. But things are different Rawson Dental. Epping Dentists have a fun and friendly approach towards children that results in co-operation from the little ones. We also strive to make the kiddos learn the basics of oral health in an enagaging way so that our little heroes have a positive attitude towards dentistry forever. This ensures your kids have a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Surgical Treatment and Wisdom teeth Removal What hurts more than a breakup in your adulthood It is the growth of wisdom teeth in an absurd way. At Epping Dental Clinic we extract wisdom teeth safely and painlessly. Scared of surgeries A little cooperation and its done in an eye blink. For us every patient is unique and we only suggest surgical treatments based on the experience of pain infection and gum disease. Epping Dentists are ready to adapt and attend the unique needs of all our patients. Where When and How can you find us Like to get an appointment with us Visit us Rawson Dental Epping located at Epping just 50m away from Epping Railway Station. We work for your ease on all days except Sundays from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm on weekdays and till 4.00 pm on Saturdays. Prefer getting an online appointment Do Visit our Website or Call us. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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4 https://rawsondental.com.au Keep Smiling. You never know your smile could enlighten someone else’s day Source:https://rawsondental.webs.com/apps/blog/show/47319621-epping-dentists-the-modern-day-tooth- fairies Contact Details:- Name: Rawson Dental Epping Address: 45 Beecroft Rd Epping NSW 2121 Phone No.: 02 9868 3037 Email: inforawsondental.com.au Website: https://rawsondental.com.au/

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