Harness The Power Of Nature’s Finer Forces With Rawr Yoga

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The Bikram Yoga classes at Rawr’s will make you feel rejuvenated even within an hour or less. Rawr is a small, stylish studio that attracts all who loves their body.


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Harness The Power Of Nature’s Finer Forces With Rawr Yoga

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A nerve-racking day at work can makeyoufeeltiredandexhaustyour energy levels asession at Rawr Yoga Dubai can do wonders. The Bikram Yoga classes at Rawr ’s will make you feel rejuvenated even within an hour orless.Rawrisasmallstylishstudio thatattracts all wholovestheirbody. It is located in Media City ’s Concord Tower mere steps from the temptation of Lime Tree Caf é’s infamouschocolatebrownies. Rawr ’s Bikram Yoga Studio Dubai has set a health and fitness trend which allows you to enjoy a detoxifying and invigorating experience that stretches the spine and works the body from head to toe

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Bikram Yoga is a specially designed yoga form that includes 26 postures from the Hatha Yoga connects to your own physical aswell as spiritual strengths through stretches postures breathing exercises andrelaxationtechniques. Bikram Yoga is performed in a room heated to 40°C with classes lasting mostly a overwhelming one and a half hours. The regular practice may help people heal from the inside and out when coping with loss. Bikram yoga has brought a number of health and spiritual benefits to the lives of millions of practitioners throughout the world.

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Rawr ’s Bikram Yoga studio is an inspiring space where you can hang out and enjoy while detoxify your body and relax your mental pressure by harnessing the unbelievable power of nature. Rawr ’s Bikram Yoga has 26 postures with the same sequence performed in every class so beginners and experts can work out together. The heat makes the body of practitioners extremely flexible which prevents injury. Bikram yoga helps people to detoxify their bodies. It will allow people to heal themselveswiththefoodstheyeatandthehabitstheyfollow.

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Ithelpsyoutoharnessthefinerforcesof nature through all the postures and the breathing exercises. Researchers have proven that mind-body practices including yoga and meditation can help reduce symptoms of various conditions such as depression anxiety negative mood fatigue and stress. Mental health experts are starting to make out the power of yoga practices and believe to have impacts on people dealing with grieforothermentallconditions. The perfect yoga practices are capable enough to cure many medical conditions. In many cases Yoga is more effective than any medication. Yoga ultimately helps people to own the control over their bodies and own the mental and physical experiences to recover from many illnesses and their aftereffects.

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RAWR YOGA713 7th Floor Concord Tower Dubai Media City Dubai U.A.E +971 0 4 4232808 +971 0 4 4232655 inforawryoga.com http://rawryoga.com

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