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Air Pollution Water Pollution Biodiversity Solid Waste Energy Renewable Energy Climate Change ROUNDS

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Lead Ammonia Carbon Monoxide Particular Matter AIR POLLUTION QUESTION 1 Ammonia The following pollutant is not contained exhaust emissions:

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QUESTION 2 AIR POLLUTION Diesel is the main source of three highly toxic pollutants that have a widespread impact on the urban air quality and human health. Name them SPM, Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen oxides (NOx) Lead, NOx, CO2 Suspended particulate matter (SPM), benzene Sulphur dioxide, Ammonia, Benzene Suspended particulate matter (SPM), benzene

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AIR POLLUTION QUESTION 3 SPM stands for Suspended particles material Standard particles matter Suspended particulate matter None of the above Suspended particulate matter

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WATER POLLUTION QUESTION 1 Water as become a major problem in the world today. It has an adverse affect on both the environment and health. What are the main sources of water pollution in India? Municipal sewage Bathing Industrial discharge All of the above A and c A and c

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WATER POLLUTION QUESTION 2 What minerals are found in the run-off from agriculture land and treated and untreated sewage effluents, which are highly responsible for eutrophication of water bodies? Nitrogen and phosphorus Phosphorus and carbon Potassium and arsenic Iron and manganese Nitrogen and phosphorus

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WATER POLLUTION QUESTION 3 Aquaculture is the controlled cultivation and harvesting of freshwater or marine aquatic species of plants and animals. Name an area along the Indian coast, where aquaculture and prawn culture activities are a major source of coastal pollution as well as a threat to the endangered sea turtles. East Coast, especially Orissa Maharashtra Kerala All of the above East Coast, especially Orissa

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WATER POLLUTION QUESTION 4 Of the following indication of the health of the health of water body, which is the most widely accepted means of measuring how polluting an effluent is? COD (chemical oxygen demand) BOD (biological oxygen demand) Chloroform content All of the above BOD (biological oxygen demand)

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BIODIVERSITY QUESTION 1 An endangered animal, the Elephas maximums is now predominantly found in the protected wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Kerala, Karnataka and Orissa. Its common name is Black Buck Asian elephant Wild buffalo Asian elephant

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BIODIVERSITY QUESTION 2 Which of the following species of rhinoceros is said to be the most critically endangered species. Indian one-horned rhinos African black rhino Sumatran rhino Javan rhino Javan rhino

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BIODIVERSITY QUESTION 3 There are three kinds of deserts in India: sand desert, salt desert and cold desert. One of the states has a cold desert. Name it Jammu and Kashmir Himachal Pradesh Rajasthan Gujarat Jammu and Kashmir

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SOLID WASTE QUESTION 1 Garbage can be put under four categories: organic, toxic, soiled and recyclable. Of the organic waste, this forms and important part. Vegetable peels Plastic bags Glass Metal Vegetable peels

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SOLID WASTE QUESTION 2 Hazardous waste is generated mainly by the industrial sector. It not only causes harm to the environment bit also leads to health promblems. A small percentage of the hazardous waste is also generates in the house. One of the following hazardous waste that is generated in the house. Paper Leftover foodstuff Old batteries Plastic bags Old batteries

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SOLID WASTE QUESTION 3 Composting is one of the oldest forms of disposal of waste. It is the natural process of decomposition of organic waste. One of the following is added to the compost to get better results. Ants Bugs Snakes Worms Worms

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ENERGY QUESTION 1 Lead is one of the two most toxic chemicals used in petrol that cause brain damage leukemia. Which is the other? Sulphur Benzene Nitrogen Oxide SPM or Suspended Particulate Matter Sulphur

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ENERGY QUESTION 2 Name the main element that is required to run a nuclear plant. Sodium Arsenic Carbon Uranium Uranium

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RENEWABLE ENERGY QUESTION 1 Which among the following is most energy efficient? Incandescent bulb Fluorescent tube light Compact fluorescent lamp Compact fluorescent lamp

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RENEWABLE ENERGY QUESTION 2 Which among the following is most energy efficient? Incandescent bulb Fluorescent tube light Compact fluorescent lamp Compact fluorescent lamp

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CLIMATE CHANGE QUESTION 1 Following is the most widely discussed impact of climate change: Increase in average sea level Deforestation Soil erosion None of the above Increase in average sea level

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CLIMATE CHANGE QUESTION 2 Sea level is expected to rise because of warmer climate due to the following: Oceans expand as they get warmer Glaciers and ice-sheets melt Both the above Both the above

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CLIMATE CHANGE QUESTION 3 Over the last 100 years global sea level has risen by about 20-25 cm 10-12.5 cm Both the above None of these 10-12.5 cm

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