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Best Cardiologist Expert in Jaipur a cardiologist is a heart doctor which has done a specialization in the cardiovascular system and heart. According to Best Cardiologist Expert in Jaipur “cardiologist” means heart expert. Anatomy of the heart consists of four chambers Two upper and two lower. Upper chambers know as articles and the lower chamber is known as ventricles. The valves on these four-chamber act as a flap which opens when blood flow through them and gets closed after that. This four-valve are Tricuspid valve Pulmonary Valve Mitral Valve and Aortic valve. Working of a heart valve. Best Cardiologist Expert In Jaipur speaks upon the Working Of heart valve. They explain that contraction and relaxing of heart muscle flow the blood into atria and ventricles one by one alternatively blood blow gets regulated from right atrium to right ventricle by tricuspid valve blood from the right ventricle to pulmonary artery which carries oxygen to lungs get regulated by pulmonary valve blood from the left atrium to left ventricle by mitral valve and the oxygenated blood from the left ventricle to the aorta by the artic valve. Pumping house disorder the heart is also known as the pumping station of body. Best Cardiology Expert In Jaipur explains the various heart related disease. • Cardiac arrest • leaky valve in the heart • stenosis • Atresia • floppy valve syndrome Symptoms of heart disorder • chest pain • long term cough conjunction • muscle fatigue • problem in breathing • faintness and dizziness Best Cardiologist Expert In Jaipur recommends the following steps to diagnose the disease • ECG • Chest X-ray • Blood Test • treadmill test following are the various test for diagnosis of heart disease Best Cardiologist Expert In Jaipur gives some advice to keep our heart healthy • no smoking • no alcohol • regular check-up of blood cholesterol • keep checking blood pressure • healthy diet keep your heart helthy. Please visit

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