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Ravi Namboori the Cisco evangelist has presented a brief note on risks of IoT- Internet of things. Mainly he focused on risks like, It may cause some unpleasantness, Many of us do not want to be automatons, Violation of privacy and lack of data controlling power and many.


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Risks in Internet-Of-Things (IoT):

Risks in Internet-Of-Things ( IoT ) Presentation By Ravi Namboori Visit us: http://ravinamboori.net

What Is IoT?:

What Is IoT ? Internet of Things : It is an avant-garde technology where it will be possible to link physical objects of all types possible to the Internet by embedding them with sensors having a unique Internet protocol (IP) address. http://ravinamboori.net

IoT Benefits::

IoT Benefits: It will turn all physical objects into computing devices , so that we can perform everyday tasks remotely . For e.g., with IoT , we can switch on our refrigerators, AC's, TVs in our homes while driving a car. http://ravinamboori.net

But What About Risks...:

But What About Risks... May cause some unpleasantness Many of us do not want to be automatons Violation of privacy is having many of us worried security can sometimes be compromised http://ravinamboori.net

Mainly Hackers Problems::

Mainly Hackers Problems: How can normal citizens be guaranteed safety? coz, even government websites have had Distributed Denial of Service ( DDoS ) attacks. http://ravinamboori.net

Few More Risks:

Few More Risks Over-dependence on technology Lack of control Monopoly & destroy competition problems. Where will this entire information be stored? Effect of IoT could be the loss of jobs as everything will be automated, making human intervention superfluous. http://ravinamboori.net


Conclusion: Finally before IoT can be a reality, it is necessary that devices of one brand, with a proprietary technology, are able to talk to another brand's devices. And organizations need to come to a consensus on an international standard of compatibility. http://ravinamboori.net

Thank You:

Thank You Presentation By Ravi Namboori Visit us: http://ravinamboori.in

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