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Training contents:

OH&S policy and objectives for the operation 5 Cardinals Rules of safety Main OH&S Hazards Relevant OH&S Procedure Location of first aid and medical facilities Emergency plan Information regarding OH&S representatives Information regarding OH&S Committee Other general OH&S Information Operational work permit system Display of video film (5 cardinal rules) Visit to Safety Gallery to Educate new Employee ( How to use correct PPEs & How to use correct equipment.) Training contents

Definition of Safety:

Working in such a manner so as to prevent injury, loss of life, property and environment to the extent possible. Definition of Safety

Fundamental of Safety:

Unsafe Act :Direct action Example: Operating without authority, Operating or working at unsafe speed, Making safety devices inoperative Taking unsafe position or posture. Unsafe Condition: Direct cause Example: Inadequately guarded , Defective condition, Unsafe Illumination, Unsafe Design & unsafe ventilation. Fundamental of Safety

Hazard & Risk:

“Hazard” is anything that has the potential to cause harm “Risk” is the quantification of the Hazard. It is the combination of magnitude and frequency. Hazard & Risk

Type of Hazards :

Physical hazards. Chemical hazards Ergonomic hazards. Radiation hazards. Psychological hazards. Biological hazards. Type of Hazards

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6 PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT(PPE) Suitable and sufficient PPE, appropriate for the task. 5 ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES,TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT etc 4 SEGEGRATION Can distance/ barriers be used to prevent personnel exposure to hazard? Access control, distance, time, Engg. Controls Guarding, Isolation, Enclosure 3 ENGINEERING CONTROLS Can equipment be used to reduce the risk? Guarding, Isolation, Enclosure 2 SUBSTITUTION Can something else be used to reduce the risk? Use of water based paints instead of solvents 1 ELIMINATION Does the task need to be done? Use of mechanical device instead of manual handling Note: When identifying control measures always start with the first step Hierarchy of controls


Incident - It is an unplanned and unexpected event that gives rise to or has the potential to lead to: Work related injury / illness; Near miss Near Miss Incidents – means those unplanned events that otherwise could have led to an injury or damage. Incident

Definition of LTI/MTI:

Lost Time Injury(LTI) – means those incidents which causes bodily injury or occupational illness, which restricts a person to return to work, more than 24 hours following the accident. Medical Treatment Injury (MTI) – is any work related injury or occupational illness which requires treatment by a physician. Medical treatment does not include first aid even if it is provided by a physician. Definition of LTI/MTI

Slide 10:

Causes Of Accident 88% of all accidents are caused by human error. 10% are caused by mechanical failures and the other 2% are considered outside human control. E.g. Earthquakes.

Slide 11:

Small oil leak at a pump - Operator does not clean up. Worker slips on the oil - regains balance. Worker slips on the oil - turns/twists his ankle. Worker slips on the oil - falls and breaks hip. Worker slips on the oil - falls, hits head on pump and dies. Work at the bottom 30,000 Hazards - Unsafe Acts & - Employee-Created Unsafe Conditions 300 Medical Treatment Injuries 30 Lost Time Injuries 1 Fatal 3,000 Near-Misses or First Aid ACCIDENT RATIO To fix the top

Slide 12:

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“NO HARM ANYWHERE TO ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH ACL-NALAGARH” “NO HARM” means No Fatalities No Disabling Injuries No Lost Time Injuries No Medical Treatment Injuries No First Aid Injuries No Occupational Illness “ANYONE” means Employees Sub-Contractors personnel on site Third party personnel on site Visitors to ACL-Dadri site OBJECTIVES

OH&S Target 2011:

SOT/One/Month/M3 & Above Emp. Near Miss =75/year. Hazard Reporting =250/year. OH&S Target 2011


Physical Hazards like: dust, Noise &UV rays. Exposure to sun) Mechanical Hazards like: unguarded moving parts, caught in-between, struck by, & slip, trip, fall. Electric Hazard like: Electric shock, Burn, Fire Hazard Ergonomics MAIN OH&S HAZARDS :

Relevant OH&S Procedure:

B1 Roles Responsibilities and Accountability. B2 Hazardous Activities. B3 Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. B4 Planned Inspection. B5 Legal Obligation. B6 Management Commitment & Planning. B7 Induction Training. B8 Incident Investigation & Corrective action. Relevant OH&S Procedure

Relevant OH&S Procedure:

Relevant OH&S Procedure B10 Employee Communication & Involvement. B13 Inspection & Testing B15 Audit and System Improvement

Work Permit System:

Working at height Hot work Confined space Excavation Isolation & Lockout High voltage Work Permit System

PTW Description:

PTW should be must for all Hazardous activity. Work permit to be issued by authorized issuers (ACL) Permit Holders are concerned ACL Employees. Before commencement of work, Risk identification checklist to be filled. Permit validity is 8 hours. Extension /renewal only for 24 hours. Permit must be displayed at the location . Maximum validity of permit is one day. Issue new permit after maximum validity is over. PTW Description

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Occupational Health Centre Representative Department Head HOD OHS Shift Supervisor Business Head. Business Head Managing Director IF Unit Head Regional OH&S Co-ordinator IF Group OH&S co-ordinator MTI/First-Aid LTI/MTI/FATALITY/ OCCUPATIONAL ILLNESS FIRST AID/ NEARMISS Incident Reporting Flowchart Fatality LTI Fatality LTI

Slide 22:

Location of First Aid Sr. No. Location 1 At Stores building 2 At Silo Attendant Room 3 At Physical QC lab 4 Store 5 At DG operator room

Medical facilities: :

Location of Dispensary near Time Office (ACL) & Main gate. Medical officer/Assistant available 24 hours. Ambulance also available in dispensary parking shed. Medical facilities :

Slide 24:

Purpose of On Site Emergency Plan: The on-site emergency plan is intended to elaborate emergency preparedness procedures for the Plant. The plan outlines the risks involved with the processes/operations to create alertness and awareness among the personnel so that emergency situations, if arise, can be effectively controlled thereby reducing the damage to the plant, personnel and surrounding population or the environment.

Slide 25:

Objectives • To contain and ultimately control the incident, localize and eliminate the hazards in minimum time. • To minimize damage to property, personnel and environment. • To give treatment and secure the safe rehabilitation of the affected persons. • To speed-up the rescue operation. • To safe guard other personnel in the premises. To inform and assist relatives of the affected persons. • To inform the press media and statutory authorities, if so required. • To preserve relevant records and equipment for subsequent investigation of the causes and circumstances of emergency. • To take step to prevent recurrence, and • To restore normalcy.

Slide 26:

EMERGENCY NO 01795-662697

Slide 27:

Site Main Controller: 9872969691 01795-662602 Medical Center: 9805009622 Safety: 01795-662666 Security: 01795-662697 P&A: 01795-662715

Details of OH&S Dept.:

Rajat Seth Manohar Bisht Details of OH&S Dept.

Information regarding OH&S Committee :

OH&S Committee has been formulated. Frequency: Quarterly Chairman : Mr. Rajiv Jain Secretary : Mr. Rajat seth Members: All HOD’s & Contractors Representative Information regarding OH&S Committee

Other OH&S Information:

Assembly point: Time office Adjacent to packing Plant Other OH&S Information

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Other OH&S Information Use of Pedestrian walkway. Use of Nose Mask in Dusty Area. Use of Ear plug/Ear muff in High noise label area. Obey the Vehicle & Traffic Safety Signage Displayed at Site. Use of Mandatory PPE.

Visit to Safety Gallery:

Demonstration of the PPEs. Visit to Safety Gallery

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