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What are Precious Gemstones The Important guideline before buying online gemstones. Gemstones are the most popular and meaningful forms of jewellery. They are the most imperative piece of the excellent and interesting adornments. They are well known for their visual excellence. A Precious gemstone is a piece of crystal which is cut and polished for making many types of classic and fashionable jewellery. In the list of gemstone category diamond Ruby Sapphire Emerald and Opal is to be considered in precious gems. They are used to their enriched and magically properties and helps to get good luck Success and Warmth in life according to Astrology. So we provide the best and competitive price of gemstones in our Online Store…. You are looking to buy precious Gemstone at wholesale price you take a look at Rasavgems. Before stepping ahead to buy a precious gemstone follow these useful or significant guidelines. It is very difficult to choose gemstone rather than wearing it. There are numbers of factors which need to be taken into the mind while purchasing a gemstone. Usually a customer due to lack of awareness is never decided the difference between precious semi-precious gemstones. If you are heading toward to buy a Precious gemstone so in that case the following guidelines will help you in purchasing a right gemstone.

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. Color of gemstone: While buying precious gemstone a person must pay special attention to the color of the stone. The beautiful precious gemstones that catch your eye in an instant also possess the power of the colors that they are available in. . Saturation: Saturation is also an important factor for natural gemstones. The saturation of a color will be decided by a combination of light intensity and how much it is distributed across the spectrum of different wavelengths. The pure color of the gemstone is obtained when a single wavelength passes through the spectrum of light. When the intensity of wavelength decreases saturation also decrease so it is affected the grade of the gemstone. However it is impossible to obtain a 100 percent Saturation in nature but the saturation is high consequently the price of a gemstone will be higher. . Hue: Hue is a basic concept of color such as a saying. The Hue of a color is described to be the pure color without any inclusion and tint. However the hue of a color changes according to fashion. So the gemstones which reflect the rich amount of color such as red green purple and blue are regarded as high graded color gemstones. . Transparent: The precious gemstones maintain the quality of transmitting the light through it without any diffusion and infusions. They are regarded to be the transparent gemstone. . Cut of gemstone: The cut of precious gemstones holds importance which a person must take into mind while buying a natural gemstone. The most popular cuts in gemstones are oval cut square cut round cut octagon cut emerald cut mirror cut princess cut antique cut and marquise cut. . Clarity of gemstone: Clarity of gemstones is decided the stone quality and make difference between natural or synthetic gemstones. While we buying a precious gemstone must observe that gemstone retain required clarity or not. So when you decided to purchase precious gemstone check clarity of the gemstone and don’t waste your money on a stone that does not possess rich clarity. . Carat weight: While buying a precious gemstone must consider the carat or weight of the stone. Since as the weight of gemstone increases so as the price of the stone also increase. So before finalizing which stone you want to buy decide the number of a carat. . Conclusion: At the end of the post main intention behind writing this article is to invoke awareness among laymen about how gemstones are graded or what are the useful parameters which affect the grade or quality of the gemstone.

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