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Rao dermatology in New York are fully dedicated to the health of our patients and believe that education is a critical element of their care. We gives best medical services in New York. Personalization is at the heart of our philosophy by evaluating our patients as thoroughly as possible, and designing regimens to specifically meet their individual requirements, varicose and spider veins New York we set our patients up for success.


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Contact Us: 212.949.0393 732.872.2007 Varicose and Spider Veins New York | Rao Dermatology Vascular conditions such as spider and varicose veins can be cosmetically displeasing and cause self- consciousness. Rao Dermatology offers advanced laser treatments to remove both spider and varicose veins and restore natural beauty to your skin. Contact us today at our locations in Fresno California Hanford California Atlantic Highlands New Jersey and Manhattan New York to schedule a consultation with our medical team and find out if you are a candidate for spider and varicose vein removal. What are Spider and Varicose Veins Spider veins are characterized by small clusters of red blue or purple veins that are named for their resemblance to spider legs. Spider veins are a mild form of varicose veins which are described as enlarged veins that appear twisted and are visible on the skin surface. Spider veins most commonly occur on the legs but can be found in the face and other areas as well. While it is uncertain what specifically causes this vascular condition it is most often found in men and

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women who are overweight lead a sedentary lifestyle or in women who are on birth control or who are pregnant. We offer varicose and spider veins in New York. Pregnancy is also a factor that causes varicose veins as well as age and hereditary. How Are Spider and Varicose Veins Treated Rao Dermatology offers two different types of lasers to treat spider and varicose veins. Different lasers are used to treat different skin types and conditions and it will be determined during your consultation with our medical team that device is best suited for your individual needs. Laser treatment of spider and varicose veins is usually well-tolerated and described by patients as akin to a rubber band snapping on the skin. If this sensation causes discomfort a topical anesthetic is available for your comfort. We also offer sclerotherapy for the removal of spider and varicose veins. Through a simple injection process sclerotherapy effectively targets damaged veins and coagulates them for natural removal by the body eliminating the need for surgical stripping. How Should I Prepare for Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment It is often recommended to limit treated areas to sun exposure before the procedure to maximize results. Our medical team may test the laser on your skin several days before treatment to reduce the risk of adverse reactions. Are There Any Side Effects

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Possible side effects depend on the extent of treatment. A more aggressive approach may result in discoloration of the skin for a few days or weeks but can also lead to fewer sessions overall. A less aggressive approach may require more sessions but there is less recovery time. Our medical team will discuss your condition and personal preferences to determine which treatment plan is right for you. Contact Rao Dermatology today to schedule a consultation with our medical team and find out how laser treatment can eradicate your spider and varicose veins. Contact Us: Rao Dermatology New York Manhattan NY 345 East 37th St Suite 317 New York NY 10016 Phone: Manhattan NY- 212-949-0393 Atlantic Highlands NJ - 732-872-2007 Woodbridge NJ - 732-872-5802 Fresno CA - 559-446-0285 Hanford CA - 559-582-2422 Web:

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