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Rao dermatology is no. 1 dermatologist in new york which delivers best treatment in new york, skin tag removal new york, acne treatment in new york and gives best medical services in new york.


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Our founder and medical director Doctor Babar K. Rao has over twenty years of specialty experience is board certified in both Dermatology and Dermatopathology and a No. 1 dermatologist in New York and is an affiliate member of The American Society for MOHS Surgery. Doctor Rao has trained at the University of London UT Southwestern New York University and Cornell University and is considered a pioneer and international authority on Dermoscopy a non-invasive method of skin cancer detection and Confocal Microscopy. As one of the very few expert Dermoscopists and Confocalists in the country Doctor Rao can more accurately assess when a biopsy is absolutely necessary. Doctor Rao is also the Acting Chair and an Associate Clinical Professor at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. As a pathologist and surgeon Doctor Rao’s experience and knowledge of the underlying skin structure enable him to have a greater depth of understanding and precision when diagnosing and treating the skin. Medical Services: We are fully dedicated to the health of our patients and believe that education is a critical element of their care. Personalization is at the heart of our philosophy by evaluating our patients as thoroughly as possible and designing regimens to specifically meet their individual requirements we set our patients up for success. Rao Dermatology is very famous dermatologist in New York. Skin Cancer Rao Dermatology is proud to offer comprehensive medical and cosmetic dermatology services. The standout services that we offer here at Rao Dermatology are our comprehensive skin cancer diagnostics and treatment options. We are equipped with the most advanced non- invasive technology and the specialists to fully utilize them in order to diagnose skin cancer especially melanoma. Acne Treatment Acne is generally characterized by whiteheads and blackheads and cysts or lumps that can be found on the face chest back or nearly anywhere else on the body. Although acne usually

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begins with the onset of puberty it is very common for it to persist through young adulthood and even into maturity. We are providing best acne treatment in New York There are many myths about the causes of acne but in reality they are numerous and multifactorial and can differ with each individual. Skin type genetics stress diet and environmental irritants can all play a part in causing acne. Only an exam and discussion with your dermatologist can truly determine the causes of your acne and an effective treatment plan. Allergies Patch Testing If you have a recurring rash or breakout of eczema in certain areas and your doctor suspects that it is being caused by a specific allergen your doctor may recommend an allergy patch test. Not to be confused with the skin prick test which is usually performed by an Allergist the skin patch test is used only to diagnose a contact allergy which is an inflammation of the skin cause by direct contact with an irritating substance. The allergic reaction can often be caused by chemicals found in cosmetics or nail polish or by a natural substance such as nickel commonly found in jewelry and belt buckles. If you are meeting with your physician to discuss your allergies for the first time sometimes it is helpful to bring any products that are known to provoke a reaction.

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Skin Infections Skin infections can cause mild to severe physical discomfort. It is very important to seek a physician’s guidance at the first sign of an infection since any infection can become progressively worse and more contagious without treatment. Untreated infections can not only cause intense pain but they can also be life-threatening. We treat a wide variety of skin infections in New York at Rao Dermatology. It is also important to note that due to globalization and ease and frequency of modern travel infectious diseases that were previously considered prevalent in some areas can now be found almost anywhere. Because of this it is important that a physician have experience with less common and rare diseases. At Rao Dermatology our physicians have previous international

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experience. We also actively participate in bringing patient education and quality medical care to underprivileged areas. Cultures and skin samples play a pivotal role in correctly diagnosing and treating an infection. Having a doctor that is also a pathologist leads to faster more accurate diagnoses because of the physicians’ greater depth of understanding of the body’s processes. Manhattan NY 345 East 37th St Suite 317 New York NY 10016 Phone: 212.949.0393 Fax: 917.398.1233

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