How Can one Make Money Using Instagram

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Want to know how you can make money from instagram? Read out this amazing blog and learn about instagram marketing. For More you can visit our site or call for free counselling session at -9988056377.


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How Can one Make Money Using Instagram In a tech savvy world where everyone from a kid to an adult is fond of social media Instagram has made its way to one of the frequently used applications for searching for photographs. So instead of just scrolling your feed for hours students can make money using it. Yes you heard it right. A lot of people use their talent and social media promotion to increase their business. Here are a few tips for students to make money using Instagram. 1. Becoming an affiliate marketer or an influencer : A lot of influencers and bloggers use this to make money on social media. This involves signing up with a brand or a business house and promoting their product on social media using a link. The more are the number of people who buy those products using the link the more you earn. This involves earning the influencer a referral fee for promotion and selling of the product.

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However this is only beneficial for those who have a large number of followers on Instagram. But it sounds great doesn’t it Making money out of promoting products. 2. Expanding your business using ‘Shopping on Instagram’ :Not just physically selling the product but selling it on Instagram using the selling option can increase your income. This allows brands to add shoppable tags to their posts with pricing. It also includes a link to the shopping website. Earlier this option was valid for select brands but now it has been expanded to small scale businesses too. For this one also needs to make a business page on ig and get it approved. 3. Working as an Instagram Expert : If you are one of those people who are addicted to social media then this job would be suitable for you. A number of companies demand social media experts today to boost their revenue thus it is in demand as a career. This involves social media management posting and promotion etc. You can work full time or as a freelancer. For students it can help meet their expenses by working part time as a freelancer. Also you can earn extra if you are a working professional. 4.Digital Marketing: Every business wants to have its presence felt on online platforms such as YouTubeGoogleInstagram.These platforms helps these businesses to connect with the audience on a wider scale. It is a cheaper way to promote the business on various platforms which has led to increased demands of digital marketers in the industry. As digital marketing is in trend one can go for digital marketing courses in Chandigarh. Thus to conclude Instagram is a great platform to earn money whether it is sitting at home sipping a cup of coffee or working 9 to 5 at a place or full time as it offers great remuneration whether you become an influencer or expand your

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business via it. There are various Instagram marketing courses one can enroll in to make a successful career.

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