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Sanjeev Ghei Motivation Classes

The Environment:

The Environment Determinism Theory Negative World View Changing Environment YOU Beware the Bullets! Negative Work Environment Past Experiences Other People’s Behavior Ouch!

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- Dog eat dog . . . everyone fighting to get ahead - No one appreciates your contributions - Too much work . . . not enough help - Deadlines are unrealistic - Longer hours . . . additional work - Budget Constraints - Competition is eating us alive - Poor management / direction - Job insecurity Negative Work Environment

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Other People’s Behavior Bulldozers Snipers Exploders Clams Patronizers Complainers Controllers Backstabbers Walking Wounded Negatives Gossips Brown Nosers Sluffers Whiners

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CHANGE . . . Challenges our paradigms Alters the way we think Makes life more difficult for a while Causes Stress Is an ongoing fact of life Changing Environment “The only person who always likes change is a wet baby”

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Past Experiences Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

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Media Frenzy Negative World View A recent Statistic: Crime down 20% in America reporting up 600% , Look at what you are looking at !!!

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GENETIC : My Grandparents did it to me. (Inherited traits) PSYCHIC : My Parents did it to me. (Upbringing) ENVIRONMENTAL : My Spouse, my Boss, the Company, the Economy, etc.. is doing this to me. (Surroundings) Sanjeev Ghai Determinism Theory

Life’s Little Question:

“Are some people just born positive thinkers . . . or is it their CHOICE ?” Life’s Little Question

Choose the Right Luggage:

Choose the Right Luggage Dodge Bullets Be Bulletproof

The Problem With Dodging Bullets:

You’re going to get hit! The Problem With Dodging Bullets

PowerPoint Presentation:

HAVE A WONDERFULL & A positive Future E N J O Y !!!!!!!!!!

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