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EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT Presented by: M.H.AVictorious


TALK MAP What is emergency department? Objective of ED Staffing Location of ED Type of services depend upon ED. What type of records maintain in ED. What are the equipment use in ED. What are the furniture & fixture use in ED. Recommendation


OVERVEIW OF EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT The ED provides the urgent diagnostic & therapeutic care to the patient with Injuries by accident Sudden attacks of illness or exacerbation of the disease, Illness during the non OPD hours .

Objective of ED:

Objective of ED Provision of immediate relief & Magt . Of patients arriving in the dept. with acute medical & surgical emergency . Attending to the medico legal cases & Co- ordinating with the local police . Providing the first aid & providing the required treatment to the patients. Screening the patient for the admission and providing the OPD care during the non OPD hours or on the holidays.

Type of services depends ED:

Type of services depends ED Approx. number of patients received daily. Number of patient of accidents. Number of accident. Patient of head injury. Patient of Fracture Patient of Acute emergency (Cardiac & Gastroenterology patient) Medico legal cases. Number of Medicine cases etc.


LOCATION It is located in the front of the hospital with a separate entry . It is located ground floor in the Hospital. The department is easily identifiable by the Patients & Vehicles. It is near to the investigative department like laboratory & radiology.


RECORDS Patients Register Patient’s case record Medico legal register Injury report Police information book Wound certificate register Brought in dead register Patients valuable register Doctors call duty register Casualty incidental report book Linen register Drug register


EQUIPMENT Lyringoscope Ambubag Ventilator Defibrillator Monitor Pulse oximeter O2 Cylinders with masks ECG Neibulisor Portable X-Ray Glucometer Suction Machine Infusion Pump B.P.Apparatus Thermomters View Boxes Proctscope Weighing Machine

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Infusion Pump Neibulisor Lyringoscope Infusion pump B.P.Apparatus

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Multi parameter Pulse Oxymeter Suction Machine


FURNITURE & FIXTURES Examination table Step Stool I.V Stands O2 Cylinder Trolley Sterilising Drum Patient Beds Wheel chairs Stretchers Walkers Stools, Chairs , Table Examination light Mattress Pillows Cupboards Instrument Box Sleepers Dust bens Beds Pen Mackintosh Syringe Sterilises Operation Light Medicine Trolleys


PROCEDURE OF ED Receiving the Patient Giving First aid & resuscitates the Patient Examination of the patient Treatment of the patient Discharge or shift the patient Handling Medico legal cases


EMERGENCY TROLLEY Bitadine Lotion Savlon H2O2 Gauze Bandages of all size Disposable Gloves Tincture Benzion Liquid Paraffin Water glass Pads Syringes Cat Guts & Suturing Materials Cotton Leucoplast Spirit Ultra Sound Jelly Dettol

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Ultra sound jelly Bitadine Lotion Tincture Benzion Liquid Paraffin

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